I guarantee you’ll be healed of something while you watch this video…

I’m not much on over-promising. Just the opposite. I like it when others under-promise and then over-deliver, so I try to do the same thing.

That said, there’s one “tool” I’ve learned (I didn’t make it up, in other words- someone taught it to me) that works for healing 99.99999999% of the time. Dare I say it works 100% of the time? Yes, it’s that good…


First, why- and then what

Let me tell you why it works, first…

Short clip-  healing video- thumbnails.008Basically (and this is the way simplified version of it, OK?), your limbic brain manages your memories and handles your emotions. The two are often connected.

Sometimes, there’s a positive aspect to it. You remember something exciting- and there’s emotion attached to it. Feeling. Heart.

Many times, though, there’s a negative association. You remember a painful person, place, or thing… and there are emotions attached to it, too. You heart might start beating faster, your speech may become more intense and animated… your blood may literally “boil,” as the saying goes.

Your limbic brain is different than the neocortex. The neocortex is the frontal lobe, the outer layer which is rich in logic and words. The limbic brain is not anti-logic, it’s just more than logic.

You understand this if you’ve ever made a decision that just felt right. You couldn’t explain it, but you knew intuitively that it was what you needed to do. And, you not have even been able to put it into words… even though you really, really knew the decision was right.

That’s because the limbic brain isn’t rich in words. It has no capacity to communicate with them, in fact! Sure, it responds to all stimuli- sight, smell… sounds… (yes, words!)… but it can’t communicate in words.

Again, this is why something may be a deep, intimate part of you… and yet you may not be able to explain it to others. It’s not that the feeling isn’t important, it’s that it’s more than words.


Filing the memories

The limbic brain is responsible for storing your memories- good and bad. And, as you might imagine, it attaches the corresponding emotions to them. A great memory gets filed with all the incredible emotions that accompanied the original experience. A horrible memory gets filed with its emotions and feelings, too.

(By the way, this is why you can hear that song on the radio and you’re instantly taken back to a specific place and time…)

Oddly enough, the limbic brain doesn’t file these emotions in your brain, though. Rather, it files them somewhere in your body. It could be anywhere.

It might file the memory in your gut. Or your head. Or an arm. A back. A neck… anywhere is fair game.

If the memory is a “bad” memory (read: something hurtful to you), your body will eventually signal a flare to let you know that you need to deal with it. To resolve it. To eliminate the pain from your past (and from your body!).

This might result in…

  • An explained back-ache
  • Migraines that appear suddenly, without reason (and start coming regularly)
  • Digestive issues
  • Heart palpitations
  • Unexplained sweats, hot spells… or even the opposite…

Or, it could come out in some other way. My point is not to give you an exhaustive list, but to just give you a heads-up to how this works. Remember- your body, your soul, and your spirit… they’re all connected. Each one radically effects the other(s).


But, I keep getting sick- even after I “fix it”

If you cover the symptom (that’s what all of these bodily “malfunctions” are), the symptom will simply move somewhere else in short order. Your body will still let you know something is wrong, something that you need to handle for your own health’s sake…

check-engine-lightThink about it like this: if your car’s “check engine light” begins blinking, you know you need to address something under the hood. That’s what these bodily symptoms are like. You’d never dream of unplugging the light, duct-taping over it… or just “living with it.”

Yet that’s what we often do with the “check engine” lights are body gives us!

Furthermore, imagine your vehicle had the ability to over-ride you when you ignored the check engine light. The car’s windshield wipers begin swiping. The radio booms. Or the car only works in reverse…

That’s the automotive equivalent of what your body does. You cover the migraine with a pharmaceutical, so the pain emerges in your back. Or you take something for the indigestion, then your heart seems to move out of sync…


What this has to do with healing

In other words, let’s say you can’t find healing regardless of how much you seek to be healed. So, in time, you wonder if something’s wrong with you- or if it’s just your destiny to have chronic problems.

You might have even gone to the doctor and heard something like this: “We don’t know. It’s inconclusive. We’ll just run some tests…”

Ring a bell?

Since the symptom is attached to a memory, the only way to heal the symptom is to heal the memory. The memory, in other words, is the root… the symptom is just the fruit.

How do you “heal the memory,” then?

You forgive…

Yes, I know. Easier said than done. However, it becomes easier when we remember what forgiveness means…

  • It doesn’t mean what happened was right (in fact, forgiveness acknowledges it was wrong)
  • It doesn’t mean that it didn’t hurt (forgiveness actually admits that it did hurt- a lot)
  • It doesn’t mean you have to restore the relationship (sometimes, you shouldn’t)

Forgiveness means you simply refuse to carry the weight of what happened, that you deny the past wrong the ability to define your identity in the future…

And when you do that, when you “let go” of the past, the memory heals. The pain heals. And the symptoms of that pain go away…

Often, we see people instantly healed of longtime illness and disease when they forgive…



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The Overflow Podcast // 28 // Tom Nikkola, optimal health & fitness for normal guys

13256086_10206660717972925_2341615736619014298_nTom Nikkola is a unique guy- a 5-year old ski jumped turned slightly overweight kid turned fitness machine, Tom’s a walking oxymoron. He’s part jock; totally ultra-smart (yeah, he writes health and fitness articles and teaches amazing classes). He’s also part cool-man; totally committed to his wife, Vanessa (and what’s really cooler than that?!).

I asked Tom to join me on the podcast to talk men’s health- to discuss some of the easy go-to’s for guys, things you need in your natural health “medicine cabinet” (for lack of a better term). So, in this episode we talk nutrition and recovery… and we talk about everything from men’s declining testosterone levels to how much protein you really need to even greater things…

Greater things like thinking the right thoughts.Oily App Tshirt 3

And greater things like loving your wife and kids well.

Want to learn more about Tom and Vanessa? Go to www.HealthyLivingHowTo.com, or find Tom Nikkola on Facebook.


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Jesus has been far more successful than you think

I used to think the benefits of the Gospel, of forgiveness, of total redemption were limited to the “after life.” You know, say a prayer, walk an aisle, maybe raise your hand at the end of the church service (when no one is looking, for your privacy, of course), and you get a “miss hell, make heaven” ticket.

Trouble is, when I was growing up, I was told that Heaven amounted to a bunch of singing, thousands of years of laying our crowns down at Jesus’ feet, and watching all of our misdeeds on the big screen- where everything would be laid bare for everyone to see. It sounded like an amazingly long church service, complete with an added dose of guilt and shame.

Short clip-  healing video- thumbnails.007I didn’t want it.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t want to go to hell, either. I wondered if there might be a third option.

Turns out, there is.

Jesus didn’t just come to forgive you- He came to make a radical re-set on everything in this life. Everything.

And that change happens now. In the present. In this life.

In other words, Jesus was more about getting Heaven here to us than getting us from here to there…

So, His Kingdom comes present with things like…

  • forgiveness, and
  • physical safety, and
  • spiritual freedom- release from oppression, and
  • physical healing

In other words, when you really read what redemption is, you realize that Jesus has been far more successful than you might have thought.


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The Overflow Podcast // 27 // Evan Gremont & Practical wisdom for parenting, business, all of life

Oily App Tshirt 3More complicated and more complex isn’t always better. In fact, Occam’s Razor says “The simplest solution is usually the best.” Or, to say it another way, “The simplest explanation is usually right.” Such is the case with wisdom. We don’t necessarily need newer, faster, or more technologically savvy… we just need simple and true.

In episode 27, I talk with Evan Gremont, a self-proclaimed expert in speaking in various accents and dialects who also happens to be an amazing guy. Part of what makes him incredible, besides having the insight to marry well, is this: simple, yet deep wisdom.

So, we ramble for an hour about things like…

  • parenting (building their character as opposed to reacting in anger)… and
  • business (building a team- and others- as opposed to just turning a profit)… and
  • relationships (and passing on to others the blessing you’ve received, paying it forward)… and
  • listening (to what they’re really saying- not what you want), and, of course
  • honor…

We talk about everything from the holocaust (his ancestors left their homeland because of it), to passing the blessings you’ve received to others (even complete strangers). And, we talk about the practical wisdom of the Old Testament (no, it’s not Law- it’s life!).

Finally, Evan discusses how, sometimes, stepping back and looking at reality for what it is- and then responding- as opposed to just reacting without thinking- is the best. Again, in the end, wisdom is the thing…

So, take it from a guy who, with his wife, is crushing it in business- and crushing it even more in life 🙂

Evan Gremont

Evan and Lindsey. Young Living Royal Crown Diamonds! Skilled in business- even more skilled in life :-)

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Links to Lindsey’s website: http://homemademommy.net 

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Everything is yours

Every few weeks, I’ll talk to someone who’s nervous about some of the “things we’re into.” They’re nervous about essential oils. Vitamins. Supplements. Or even some of the things I’ve taught about laying on of hands or frequency.

I regularly circle back to this concept: Truth is a person; truth is embodied in a person; and all truth belongs to that person (John 14:6).

That means that if there’s anything anywhere that’s true, it belongs to Christ. In effect, He has a corner on the truth- all truth- and we’ve relegated Him to matters of truth related to faith only.

Short clip- healing video- thumbnails.006Paul tackles this idea in a well-known passage in 1 Corinthians. It seems that the church he left behind was fighting over which teacher they should follow- which teacher had greater insight and revelation (in our culture it would be something like: which podcast, which televangelist, which author do we read…?).

Some were following Paul.

Others sided with Cephas (Peter).

A bunch of them liked the skilled orator, Apollos.

In effect, some loved the former Pharisee who had a blast of grace (Paul); others felt a camaraderie with the former fisherman turned preacher (Peter); a bunch like the flash and sizzle of the smooth talking teacher (Apollos). They were all lining up and choosing sides. Sound familiar?

Paul chastised them and told them to stop picking sides, because they were all thinking too small. They thought they had access to one leader only. In reality, they had access to all three. And more.

Way more.

I love how he ends this rebuke.

He says (1 Corinthians 3:21-22, NLT),

For everything belongs to you— whether Paul or Apollos or Peter,or the world, or life and death, or the present and the future. Everything belongs to you, and you belong to Christ, and Christ belongs to God.

The words he uses are amazing.

  • He says if discover anything about life (zoe, biology, how the body works), it’s yours.
  • And if you learn anything about thanatos (death, the process of aging… and dying…), that’s yours, too.

That is, if you learn anything about health and wellness… anything at all… then take it. It belongs to you- it’s already yours.

Interestingly enough, Paul also includes this present life and the future. In effect, he says wherever you discover truth it’s yours. You don’t have to fear it or reject it, because all truth comes from one place- whether it’s spiritual truth, health truth, financial truth, business truth, relational truth…

And that truth is all yours.


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The Overflow Podcast // 26 // Scott Garner & getting pulled into the power of relationships

Oily App Tshirt 3Scott & his wife Carol hi-jacked our day once- for the good. Rather, for the great. We were at a business event and ran into them at the front door. We hadn’t planned on seeing them- certainly not spending the majority of the day with them- but that’s what happened.

Here’s how: after about 30 seconds of chit-chat, Scott invited us to lunch (they’d already planned to try a new vegan place in Salt Lake City). About 30 seconds after that, they invited us to sit with them in their box suite for the event (we gladly gave up our “cheap seats”).

The Garners completely honored us, introducing them to their business team members, as well as lavishing us with encouragement and praise. It was surreal. And it had all been unplanned.

13770527_10154354908422806_4862823871398678648_nA few hours later, we ate lunch (with them and some new friends), then went to a large breakout session where Carol was speaking. Because of that encounter that morning, the entire day was gone… all for the good.

I asked Scott how their business grew so quickly. Turns out, he has no idea. He says they just love people and look for ways to serve them. My takeaway: that’s exactly how.

So, here’s the convo with one of my favorite people in the world- and my surfing coach (yes, he taught me how!)- Scott Garner.

Listen on. He’ll tell you how how he quit his dream job, how his wife started making her own essential oils (she mimicked Thieves), and some of the transitions they’ve made from through the past few years…

Links mentioned in the conversation:



Touch is one of the most powerful forces in the universe

“Touchier” teams- like basketball and football teams that regularly hi-five, fist-bump, and pat each other- actually perform better than other teams. It sounds odd. It seems like it would be a non-issue, an insignificant factor. Yet, the power of touch effects even what happens in the sports arena.

Did you know the power of touch works in other areas, too. For instance…

In other words, touch is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. And, I think that’s why we see touch happening so many times in the Bible. In fact, we see touch used for several important, pivotal activities:

touch.001First, we see touch heals. We learn that Jesus can heal people with a word- He just says it and it happens. At the same time, we see that He often goes out of His way to intentionally touch people- particularly those who have been isolated (like lepers).

Second, we see the power of touch imparts power to people. Sounds odd, I know. But, the Bible tells us clearly that this is how Timothy received his empowerment to pastor- and it’s why Joshua was a stout and strong leader.

Third, touch brings blessing and sets up destiny. So, we see Jesus touch the kids when He blesses them… literally setting them on course for their lives.

Fourth, finally, touch imparts a unique relationship with the Holy Spirit. Again, I know… it sounds odd. But, we actually see it happen.

In other words, most of what God does, He does through His people. And He uses His people to express Him through them. When you touch, you become a connector to the presence of the Kingdom, the very presence you carry with you everywhere you go…

What do you do? Touch. Keep your hands on your wife. Your kids. Your friends.


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How to not “lose” the healing your received / maintaining what you’ve got

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen people healed of something- radically, miraculously- and then watched it all go away. It’s almost as if the healing never happened. Honestly, I struggled with this concept for a few years.

One day it dawned on me…

I was watching an ESPN documentary about professional athletes- how many of them earn incredible sums of money (in the millions, overnight!), only to lose it within a few years. I’ve seen the story over and over in the headlines. Broke college athlete signs major contract, lands endorsement deal from sneaker company and cereal maker, then ends up living just above the poverty line once his run at sports is done…

lottery.001The filmmaker likened it to the lottery. Turns out, over 70% of the people who win the lottery will be back to work, at a 9-5 job, within 18 months.

In other words, both the athlete and the lottery winner have one thing in common: they received a financial miracle- an iaomai, to use the word for miraculous healing we see in the New Testament.

But, they didn’t steward what they received. They didn’t walk out the miracle with therapeuo, that is, with a lifestyle of financial health and wellness. (Therapeuo is the word used in the New Testament to denote intentional living, lifestyle choices, that fall in line with living well… In other posts on this site I’ve explained that sometimes Jesus “instantly” healed people (i.e., they won the health and wellness lottery; other times He “taught them to be well-  that is, sometimes He iaomai them; other times He therapeuo them).

Short clip- healing video- thumbnails.004Here’s what I think:

* A financial iaomai won’t last too long if you don’t do financial therapeuo.

* And a health and wellness iaomai won’t last too long if you don’t do health and wellness therapeuo.

Think about it. Doctors are saying that 90-95% of what we once thought of as genetic diseases (read: cancer, for instance) can be attributed to environmental factors. Things like what we eat. How we exercise (or not). Where we live. Even how we think.

So, I’m wondering now about some of the instances where it seems that people “lost” their healing.. maybe it’s not that the healing didn’t happen- and then it just disappeared. Maybe, just maybe (and no condemnation intended here, OK?), it’s important to “walk out” what was received… to manage it, to steward it.

Lost a healing- or no someone who has? I think reclaiming it is as simple as the one-two punch of 1) praying and asking for it back, and 2) making the decision to walk in health and wellness now. Manage the miracle- even before you see it. Many times, that actually accelerates its arrival 🙂


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Nothing like seeing yourself naked in a full-length mirror

I bet you’ve had the same experience I’ve had before: you’re out running an errand, or you’re quietly minding your business at church… or maybe you’re out to eat. Even at the movies. You run into someone you used to know… and then you think, “Man, they’ve changed. A lot. And not for the good.”

I wonder why we see it in other people but not in ourselves. The extra weight. The “letting ourselves go.”

Short clip- healing video- thumbnails.011Maybe you’ve been there. I have.

In this video, I outline a bit of my story. It goes something like this: a few years ago, I bounded out of the shower at a resort in Hawaii, caught a glimpse of myself in a full-length mirror (nothing like that to bring you a reality check, right?!), and realized I wasn’t the formerly fit version of myself. I thought it was, but I was in major denial. I had let myself go…

And, though I don’t think we need to idolize our bodies (goodness, people can take that to the extreme, can’t they?), your body is your container. It’s your shell. It’s what houses your soul and your spirit. And you can’t outrun it.

Face it: there are incredible things for you to do- amazing things God has already planned (dare I use the word pre-destined?) for you. You can’t bless the world if you’re sick on a couch, though. Or if you’re constantly tired.

The truth is that I was rocked by all kinds of symptoms- things that shouldn’t happen for guys who’ve just turned 40. In time, things dramatically changed.

My bet… is that it can all shift for you and/or those you love the most, too!

Watch on- and let me know how I can help 🙂



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The new book and video course- it’s up, online, and on sale through Tuesday

The new healing book is out- and on sale in our online store through next Tuesday, midnight (CST). In this one, I navigate the topic of healing (miracles) and health (natural wellness). I’ve learned over the past two years that these two aren’t at odds. In fact, both of them work together– incredibly. In fact, I believe your destiny is to walk in one so that you don’t need the other (I’ll let you figure which is which!).

Healing- boxshotBottom line: there’s a champion in you- a person so healthy and vibrant and alive that you’re able to walk your destiny, enjoy your journey, and do every great work that  you’ve been created and designed to do. Sound good? Then read on…

If you…

* Believe healing power is available today and feel like God has tapped you to share His abundance & provision with others…

* Want a step-by-step process that’s backed by the Bible, history, and science…

* Would love to give yourself and the people you love options when the miracles seem just out of reach…

* Think experiencing the Father’s heart would be fun and invigorating…

Then this tool is for you. It’s 194 pages of some of the best stuff I’m learning along my journey. You’ll get instant access to the new eBook (download, print, take it to your Kindle, iPad, smartphone, wallpaper your room with it, etc.), AND 30-minutes of the best video segments from the 4.5-hour workshop (full color, HD, able to show on a big screen AND mobile friendly at the same time!).

Best of all? Retail is $21.00 for the online package. Use the coupon code HEAL and knock $5.00 off through next Tuesday, 07/19, midnight CST! 

Go here to checkout now– https://www.overflow.org/offers/WQyGQH5X

Go here to read more about the book, class, and the great bonuses you’ll get by becoming one of the first to get the new material: https://www.overflow.org/p/book


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