Better have the right people


If you’re a “task-driven” person (I’ve been told I’m one of them),  this one might zoom right past you. Literally. It’s driven by me for years. In fact, I’m just now starting to “get it.”

Let me back up.

A few years ago I read where John Maxwell wrote something like, “If you want to go fast, go alone… if you want to go far, go with a team.” (I’m not sure which book I read it in- he’s written something like 70-plus books and is still cranking out fresh content each day- but this quote is definitely his.)

The problem for me… is that I want to go fast. Sometimes, it’s because I only have a limited amount of time to get things done (we’ve got a huge family, so not a lot of wiggle room in the schedule). Other times it because I don’t want to endlessly discuss something that we’re going to decide to do anyway (I hated those group projects we got assigned in college classes, for this reason-  can’t we just make a decision and get on with it!?). More often that not, I’ve got a checklist of things to do and I just want to move to the next thing.

Check. Next.

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins likens organizations to buses. He says the problem with most businesses is that they spend way too much time trying to discuss the “look” of the bus and the “destination” of the bus (read: the mission and vision statements), while paying very little attention to the people on the bus.

By “the people on the bus” he means the people working in the organization.

That is, it’s easy for managers and CEOs- gifted leaders– to tinker and talk about their organization but forget that the most important part is the people leading with them.  They think that a better-looking bus (or a more logically explained bus necessarily goes faster).

Now, I don’t know of any CEO, pastor, owner, coach, or other leader who would say that people aren’t the most important thing. Nor do I know any who would admit to ignoring the people on their bus. In fact, most would adamantly swear they do the opposite- that they go overboard to bless the people.

But what would the people say?

And are those even the right people to be on that bus?

Like it or not, the people on your bus are helping you steer that bus, somehow. You’re either ignoring them (guilty- done it, have the t-shirt), so they’re steering you off course (or they could be holding the course- and you’re steering them off!). You could be pulling “dead weight” along; they don’t know where to pull- because although you think you’ve articulated the vision, you haven’t (just because you understand it doesn’t mean they do, nor or they dumb if they don’t).

I worked for an organization once where people literally “sat down on the job.” They just pushed through each day, doing the minimal amount to get by. It’s not that they didn’t love the leader- or adore the organization (read: the bus). They had a tender place for both.

However, the leader routinely assigned tasks… then, once they were complete, the leader changed directions. No one knew what to do. And they were tired of over-creating only for their creativity and incredible work to be thrown the storage closet in the back of the bus. So, they chose paralysis.

The leader couldn’t understand it. I did. It’s like I had a front row seat to some of the stuff I’ve done before.

The truth is that some of those people needed to be on that bus. They were people who could push the dream forward- people who can drive the organization to its intended destination. They just needed better communication from the leader. They needed the gift of presence.

Some of the people needed to disembark a long time ago. They were never going to move forward. Ever. In fact, they were going to do everything they could to mitigate against progress. They were afraid of it.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others. If you want to go far to the right destination, better make sure it’s the right people…



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The Overflow Podcast // 039 // The Ladder, part 2- What-How-Why-Who….


In last week’s podcast, I discussed the first three rungs of The Ladder- What, How, & Why. This week, in part 2, I show you the importance of revelation… of insight… of really “knowing” what’s going on inside.

Face it, where there is no vision, no sense of mystery and destiny, the most sacred of dreams seem to fade to the side. There still there, and still things we want, but we push them off and simply deal with the day-to-day grind staring us in the face.

As well, you’ll learn here what to do if you’re stuck… if you’ve defined your dream, but aren’t sure how to get there

And, what to do if you feel alone… like there’s no one in your corner, and no one walking with you.

Finally, I’ll show you the “bus,” one of the most powerful images we use when teaching these concepts. It’s simple- in fact- all of these tools are so simple you’ll be able to implement them yourself AND teach them to others immediately after watching.

So, if you’re a take charge kind of leader…

If you’re looking for a step-by-step process that’s worked for hundreds of others and is guaranteed to move you from where you are to where you want to be- in any area of business or life…

If you feel you’re called to be blessed… and know there are blessings there for you to receive so that you can turn and empower others with the same…

And, if you believe walking in your destiny could pull you into a circle of some of the most fun people in the world, equipping you to walk one of the most exciting paths you’ve journeyed…

Then this is your ladder…


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The Overflow Podcast // 038 // The Ladder, part 1- I’ll show you how to advance from where you are to where you’re destined to be

img_5461Great things are in store for you. You know it. You can sense it, feel it… it may even be so close that you can actually see it. Whether it’s your business, your health… a relationship… even some other goal…. there are incredible things waiting for you to simply receive.

The Ladder is a tool guaranteed to get you there. And, get this, it’s a short ladder- because even though your dreams are colossal, they’re closer to you than you dreamed possible.


A tool you can  use…

I’ll show you how to define WHAT it is you really want, we’ll discuss the important of getting some practical steps that show you HOW to get there… and, we’ll discuss a buzzword that gets thrown around lot- but often lacks definition and context: WHY.

You’ll see that with each step you define, you move closer to your dream, as well as “higher” and “deeper” at the same time.



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Even things of life and the Spirit get better with practice

It’s a given that it takes time to learn to ride a bike, bake a cake, or even do a bit of public speaking. What’s odd, though, is that we don’t often extend that same grace to learn when it comes to matters of the Spirit.

It’s no secret that I believe in healing- in “instant”/Divine/miraculous healing and in health & wellness- lifestyle choices that make you better over time. In fact, I think they both work together- and that each works better with the other. I discuss that in great detail in our healing workshop. 

When it comes to healing, though, people think that you’ve either “got it” or that you don’t. That is, it’s either “your gift” or it’s not.

Short clip-  healing video- thumbnails.018Now, I do believe that some people are better at it. Some people come with a higher skill set- a higher “giftedness” in this area than other people have (just as other people have higher gift-sets in other areas; face it, we’re all weak in some areas and radically strong in other ones). At the same time, I believe everyone can heal. Everyone can walk in health and wellness- and, at the same time, anyone can tap into the miraculous.

You can take that to the bank.

Here’s one thing I hope to see: I hope to see churches and small groups and Bible studies where people are encouraged to take risks… and even given the opportunity to fail. You see, in the same way that we learn balance by actually wobbling and even falling off the bike, we learn to speak words of life and encouragement (dare I use the word prophecy, even?) by actually wobbling and doing it. We learn to heal by doing it, too…

I’m a pretty good public speaker. Above average.

People ask, “Where did you learn to do this…?” And, “How did you learn it…?”

Here’s how: I’ve done it- a lot. A whole lot. And, though I know I was given a unique skill set by God, I also realize that there’s a lot that you learn just by doing it.

  • That’s why chefs bake the same cupcake over and over and over…
  • It’s why SWAT teams and Special Forces soldiers run through the shooting range and take target practice repeatedly… and even take apart their guns and put them back together during their “free time.”
  • It’s why professional basketball players still take thousands of free throw shots in practice every week- while no one is watching…

Quite simply, everything gets better with practice. Everything. Even matters of life, faith, and the Spirit.

So, my encouragement is this. Try it.

Or, to quote the Nike slogan back from my days of wobbling on the bike and trying to get that thing rolling forward: Just do it!

Yes, you could mess up. But, you’ll also, in time, get it right… more and more… and then more and more and more…




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The Overflow Podcast // 037 // Jake Dempsey talks abundance, the good side of money, and tips to help you grow your business

13501962_10208692134493881_1078293994910299036_n_clipped_rev_1Jake Dempsey has a gift for taking complex ideas and making them simple. He’s got an app, a book, and speaks a lot about Young Living’s compensation plan. He codes it, he dreams about it… he lives it. Literally.

So, I asked him… I’m helping my wife with her business. What metrics should I look at- knowing that I can’t look at all 40-plus features that you have on the app?

By the way, I actually like  what Jake had to say about abundance even more than what he had to say about the app. Don’t get me wrong- the app info is incredible, and it’s one of the tools that will help you reach a place of abundance. But, the view he has of blessing and favor… is, well… refreshing… And, I really think part of his destiny is not just to create great tools for people to use to build their businesses, but also to teach- in a healthy way- what money does and the potential it really has!

Here’s the run down Jake gave me- and gives you in the attached podcast episode:

1. PV per member. This number shows the average “ticket sale” in your downline. This metric is nice, because you’ll see that just a few tweaks- like promoting a certain product throughout your entire team, can have a dramatic effect. Think about what might happen if just 10% of your team added a $25 product to their order… simply because of a promo you got behind!?

2. Percent of enrollers. Obviously, your team will grow faster if you have more people actively sharing the products with others. This metric shows you how well duplication is happening throughout your organization. The best teams train others to do exactly what the team leaders do… and they do this by 1) having a simple system that 2) anyone can do.

3.  A few growth metrics. Jake mentioned a few numbers I should evaluate.

  • Percent of overall growth. This shows you if your team is actually growing. If you’ve been around more than a year, you know that after 12 months, people who haven’t ordered actually fall of your downline- they go inactive. So, this metric shows if you’re moving forward or backwards.
  • Average order size. This goes back to point #1 Jake shared with me- to look at the PV per member.
  • Member percent Essential Rewards. The data shows that people on ER order about three times as much as people who aren’t. Jake insists you can grow your overall volume / revenue not only by adding new customers but also by getting those customers to spend a bit more. Obviously, people on ER spend a lot more!

Jake brings up an interesting stat here: 40% of people are “not there” after 1 year. That means that, somewhere, they attended a class (or saw an online post), bought an essential oil kit, got it in the mail… and never did anything with it.

(By the way, Cristy has an excellent video about Essential Rewards here:

Jake refers to the next three items on the list as an “opportunity list” to make a few phone calls and do some relationship building.

4. ER PV that’s greater than 170, but less than 190. Here, you have people who are making a large order, and are extremely close to receiving the free promo. If they move the order to 190 PV, they can get some amazing products (which vary from month to month), just by adding something to their order. Usually, it’s worth spending a few dollars to receive far more back in free stuff.

(Cristy has a great video on the monthly promos, as well:

5. Money missers. Remember, to be eligible for unilevel commissions in Young Living, you must hit minimal PV amounts.  This feature won’t tell you how much money people are missing (for privacy reasons), but it will tell you the following:

  • Either they have <50 PV order, but would earn at least $25 by placing an order, or
  • They don’t have 100 PV order (or greater), but would make at least $50 by placing an order.

6. PV greater than 50, but not on ER.  This feature shows you who is ordering enough to qualify for Essential Rewards (the minimal amount is 50 PV, recall). This is important because you have someone on your team placing an order that could be getting points towards free products simply by making that “regular” order an “Essential Rewards” order.


Show notes

10pack_largeJake’s book, Driven for Success-

Oily Tools-

Facebook group- go to > Groups > Oily Tools (request to be added to this closed group)

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What I learned from the healing evangelist that slapped the Holy Spirit into the stadium’s upper deck

The strangest thing happened on TBN one night (that’s a cable television station chock-full of televangelists, prayer cloths, and commercials with starving kids that you can save right now for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day). OK, I exaggerated a bit on that, but you get the idea… yes, there is a station full of this stuff!

Here’s what happened: a well-known evangelist (you’d know him if I mentioned his name, described his hair, or detailed the kind of suit he was wearing) stood in the middle of a stadium, winding down his sermon. He was at the part where he’s giving people “words” and praying for healing.

Disclaimer: I believe in miracles and even teach a workshop about healing– and the fact that we see excesses and abuses doesn’t mean the pure reality of the Kingdom doesn’t exist.

So the evangelist notices that everyone he’s touching is coming from the main floor- and from the lower seats in the stadium. He looks to the upper deck and tells them they need a touch of the Holy Spirit, too…

Short clip- healing video- thumbnails.017Then- swaatttt. He bats the Holy Spirit into the upper deck, evidenced by people falling backwards, tumbling around, and exclaiming they’ve been touched by the presence of Heaven itself.

Now, I have a friend- a pastor- who used to travel with this evangelist. One day while we were shooting a video, I asked him point blank: “Did you ever see anything like that?”

Maybe I was expecting a tell-all; perhaps I was expecting a smirk. I was met with an amazing lesson on the absolutely grandness of God’s extravagant love…

“No,” Kent said. “I didn’t see that…” Then- “But I did see a bunch of incredible and, well… different… things…”

He paused. I could sense and honor in his demeanor even if he, like me, wondered about things like swatting the Holy Spirit into the upper deck of the stadium like you were taking batting practice with an invisible entity.

“I learned this through all of that… that the Holy Spirit is so desperate to express the affection of the Father that He will do anything you want Him to do to love His children…”

Kent explained that God will always “back you up.” He continued, “If you want to pray healing for that person, do it… If you want to give someone a word of hope or direction, the speak and He’ll fill your mouth…”

His words were freeing. You see, I’ve often wondered things like:

  • Does God want me to pray healing for this person?
  • Will He give me a word of encouragement- or a prayer- for that person?
  • What about this one… Does He want me to…?

And, you see, the answer is always, “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

Over the past few months (since we released the healing workshop), people regularly ask me to pray for someone or record a video message on their phone for a loved one. About 4 weeks into it, something inside me clicked: Now, many times, when people ask for prayer for a loved one, I’ll ask for their phone, record a prayer, and let them take it with them. That way they can watch it over and over (or listen), and the person we’re praying for can be “present” as well- rather than just hearing that someone prayed for them. Sometimes, I record a prayer. Sometimes, I just give someone direction as to what the Lord speaks to me in the moment for them…

It works every single time. It’s never back-fired.

Why? Because I’m seeing that this doesn’t depend on my and my skill set- anymore than your ability to love and bless others depends on your skill set. Yes, we get better with time and practice (and we should practice and continue learning, for sure). But, the outcome isn’t dependent on my ability (or yours).

The outcome is dependent on the already-resolved and already-proved reality that our Father desperately (to use Kent’s word) cherishes and adores His children- and that He willingly uses our hands and our voices to express Himself to them.

And that’s what I learned from the healing evangelist.



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The Overflow Podcast // 036 // Jay Carter talks fitness- and even crushing other goals- for normal guys


A few months ago, I ran into Jay Carter’s wife, Mary, at a conference in Washington, DC. She thanked me for what we taught Jay at the most recent Advance weekend, then told me he was making the bed every morning… things had radically changed. He was also running, beginning to take on some other projects around the house, and had dropped about 15 pounds.

Cristy was shocked: “Andy taught him to make the bed!”

I admitted I hadn’t taught him any such thing. Rather, Jay had take some tools he learned at the Advance, applied them in the way that suited him the best (which is exactly how the material at Advance works- everyone walks away with something tailor-made to them and their own goals / priorities).

580948_4340744678175_561658550_nMy time gets pretty thin at the Advance weekend, so I don’t get to talk to everyone as much as I’d like. Jay was one of those guys I wanted to meet- but it just hadn’t happened. So, I made a mental note to catch up with him at the next rendezvous- and then did.

My impressions were correct: he didn’t really need our help- we’d just helped inspire him. He was already a great guy- it’s just easier to be great when you’ve got others around you trying to live out their greatness, too.

Hence the old adage: “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.”

And, Solomon’s own way of saying it: “He who walks with the wise will be wise… but the companion of fools suffers harm” (Proverbs 13:20).

Over time, I learned that Jay was doing some oddly incredible (yes, I meant to put both of those words together) fitness activities. A triathlon. A stair climb in full fire-fighter gear in honor of the 09/11 rescue workers who gave their lives to assist others…

So, I thought we needed to chat. How do regular guys- guys with real routines like making the bed and chasing kids and working a job- actually get in shape?

So, listen in… and look for… (Jay’s ideas, not mine):

  1. Consistency. Do something every single day. But, don’t just do “something,” have a plan of what you’re going to do.
  2. More is not better- better is better. This sounds odd. You’ve got to think long-term, though. You’re not going to be in radically better shape in a single day. You’re going to be in a “little bit” better shape. Continue that trend, though, and you’ll make it.
  3. Accountability. Training partners help us by calling out the greatness in us. Often, we think accountability only keeps us from doing things we shouldn’t do. The truth, though, is that accountability also encourages us to be everything we’re destined to be.
  4. Goals- have something to look forward to. Jay advocates starting with something small… and then having another “carrot” to go for… then another… So, you’re first goal might be a 5-K… then a 10-K or triathlon… or something a bit larger. Reach, now, for something that’s just out of reach… and continue reaching.
  5. Education / coach-ability.  You can learn something from everyone. Soak in all you can- even from places you might not expect it.
  6. Have fun. If your’e not enjoying it, do something  you will enjoy. This doesn’t mean it won’t be hard… often, it is the result you enjoy more than the process itself. But, it’s got to be something the brings you value, or it will be short-lived.
  7. Gear- get the right tools for the job. In fitness, having the right shoes, the right bike… the right shorts… it can make all the difference.

Incidentally, everything we discussed applies to every area of life. That is, Jay’s steps work whether you’re trying to crush a fitness goal… or a business goal… or even date your spouse. Work through the list; you’ll see what I mean.

Show notes

Jay’s weight loss story on Mary’s blog:

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Did we miss the point?

We tend to count and measure the things that matter the most. It’s why we count our money and balance the checkbook at the end of the month. It’s why we count our kids when we get in the car.

Sometime, really, ask me about the time that Cristy drove off and left one of our kids in the house… A few blocks down the street, she turns from the driver’s seat and asks the others, “Hey, where’s Judah!?”

Full disclosure: I made fun of her…

… until I did the exact same thing.

I left the school one day, got about a mile away. The car seemed about 15-20% quieter than normal. I scanned the rearview mirror while cruising down the street at an ever-decreasing speed, knowing something wasn’t quite the way it was supposed to be…

“Levi’s still at school!” one of the boys exclaimed.

They said it, right as I felt it. I had, indeed, one week fresh off chiding Cristy for vacating Judah, abandoned Levi at the Alabama Waldorf School.

Yeah, so we count our kids now- overtime we leave the house, the grocery store… even when we’re walking around the neighborhood, zig-zagging our way through the sidewalks.

Why? Because the kids matter…


Counting things that matter the most


Leads me to this- the topic of the video above. Sometimes, I wonder if the things we count in the church reveal what really matters the most to us. I worked in churches and faith-based nonprofits for over two decades. I still get the privilege to speak in churches today- sometimes on Sunday mornings at “big church,” sometimes when we hold healing workshops on their campuses.

I’ve noticed that churches (including myself in this convo, since I used to be employed by a few and did the exact same thing) tend to count two things: nickels and noses.

Why? Because those are the things that are important to us. Those are the things that we don’t want to “leave behind” like I left Levi and Cristy left Judah.

As a result, we send out the numbers of the butts in the seats and the bucks they gave to our mailing lists. We post them on the walls of our buildings. They dominate our discussions when we’re having lunch with other “church people” or when church leaders are “talking shop.”

We don’t ask about the transformational impact the community of faith is having on the geographical area around it; we ask how many people file in on Sunday mornings (or evenings, or even “online”) and sit down in rows. End of story.


Why does it matter?


Because Jesus never said, “Fill the building; fill the offering plate.”

No, He said things like:

  • People will know you by your love.
  • You will do greater works than I did (and He never filled a building, or an offering plate).
  • The Kingdom- and everything in it- is present in you…

Just thinking out loud…


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The Overflow Podcast // 035 // David Trombly kicks cancer, walks in health, brings healing to others


A week or so ago David Trombly performed a wedding. It was the logical outcome of walking in relationship  with hockey players for a few years… you’re there in the trenches, you get to be there at the high moments, too. Earlier that same week, he posted online that he’d been up in an aircraft- a fighter jet. The view from 10,000-plus feet was breathtaking, he said…

14519929_10209845088301085_1184739144029314458_nYou might get the idea that he lives on a silver cloud. But, dig into the story a bit, and you find out that the high points are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more under the surface.

Back in 2000, David was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer- there wasn’t one person who’d lived more than 5 years with it. Doctors advocated multiple scenarios involving removing a jawbone, aggressive chemotherapy, and a quality of life David didn’t want…

In his early 30s, married and with a few kids, they opted for a more natural way of handling things. Over the next few weeks, he was introduced to a young man who “ran away” (literally) to Tijuana and found healing…

Then he met a German doctor.

And he began using some Canadian medicine…

He found a raw nutritionist.

And he met a Swiss doctor.

After several months, David was cancer free. Has been for over 15 years, now. However, in his own words, he didn’t put cancer in the rear view mirror (behind him). Nor did he bury it (i.e., “Let’s don’t revisit that horrible time in our lives.”). Rather, he uses this story to empower others… to show them what’s available to them.

There’s power in story- in your story. In fact, your story often contains the SAME power as the original miracle you were brought through. Others NEED your story…



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If you take little action, you’ll experience a big miracle

I’ve looked throughout the Bible to try and find a “formula” for faith and healing. I’ve discovered that, well… you can’t find one.

A lot of people think that you’ve got to have complete faith in order for God to bless you- and that if you don’t then somehow He’s restrained until you “get your faith up.” Now, sure, belief makes things better. It gives you more stability… a foundation.

But there’s no “one-sized” fits all formula for faith in the Bible. I’ve looked. Over and over. It’s just not there…

Get this: Jesus healed people who had no faith– people who didn’t even know who He was! (For instance, the man He healed at the Pool of Bethesda, in John 5.)

faith box.001Jesus also healed people with “partial” faith, like the guy who exclaimed, “I believe- help my unbelief!” when his son was being tormented by a demon (Mark 9:24). And like the lepers who said, “If you’re willing…” (Matthew 8:2).

And He healed people when it wasn’t their faith at all that was exercised– but their friends’ faith (like the paralytic who was lowered through the roof while Jesus sat teaching. He, clearly, marveled at their faith- not his!) (Mark 2:1f.).

Sure, Jesus healed people with total, absolute faith. He did this when he proclaimed that He hadn’t seen as great a faith anywhere as He saw in the centurion who asked for his servant to be healed- another instance of someone’s faith healing someone else (Luke 7:1-9); or from the Syro-Phoenician woman who begged Him for a miracle on behalf of her daughter (even after initially being rebuffed); or from the woman with the hemorrhage who meandered her way through the crowd to touch them hem of his garment (“If only I can touch it… I’ll be well…”).

But there’s no formula for faith. There’s no box you can fit it into.


Two exceptions

Well, I do see two exceptions. For now, anyway.

First, we do see Jesus rebuke His disciples for their lack of faith. In other words, He doesn’t rebuke the people needing the miracle for their low faith quotient; He discusses the issue with the leaders who should have been dispensing the healing, the ones who should have been “serving up” the presence of the Kingdom (see the story in Mark 9:24f.).

faith box.002What does this mean? This means that the evangelist who told you you’re not healed because you don’t have enough faith… Well, Jesus wouldn’t rebuke you; Jesus would rebuke him/her instead. Got it?

Don’t worry about the faith issue- you just step forward and experience the best possible you…

Second, sometimes an action is needed. I’ll explain this by way of a few stories…

Naaman the leper comes to mind. A warrior of noted reputation, Elisha told him to dip himself into the Jordan River 7 times and he’d be well (2 Kings 5:10).

Naaman didn’t want to do it. He, in his own words, thought Elisha would just “wave his hands over him” and that he’d be well (2 Kings 5:11). He complained, talked about other places he could have bathed (waters in his homeland, which he thought were superior), and walked away full of rage.

One of his servants finally pinned him: “This is an easy thing to do. If he would have told you something difficult to do you would have done it…” Then- “Go dip in the water 7 times.”

Naaman did- and was well. Even though the healing was accessible, it didn’t manifest until he took action. 


The kind of healing that always requires an action

Now, I’ve taught you about two kinds of healing before- iaomai (instant, miraculous healing) and therapeuo (healing that happens over time by healthy choices, deliberate decisions).

Therapeuo is the kind of healing that always requires an action- because it’s a lifestyle choice! You must walk this one out! Therapeuo is, by its very nature, an action.

Luke recounts the story of a group of lepers Jesus healed. He says Jesus gave them His word that it was done… then sent them to the priests. Luke adds, “As they went, they were healed…” (see Luke 17:14). That is, their healing was available too- the entire time. But, like Naaman’s, it didn’t manifest until they took action.

Short clip- healing video- thumbnails.015I’ve recounted my story to you before. No, I didn’t have leprosy. I just had a bunch of stuff that a lot of people choose to tolerate. Things that aren’t our best. Things that slow us down. Things that keep us from walking our true destiny, doing all the incredible things we’re gifted and empowered to do.

I learned that, most of the time, when you take an action, the miracles “kick in.” Even if the faith-quotient is low, if you can start stepping in the direction of life and abundance, something amazing happens…



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