How drugs work- and why shadow boxing with symptoms doesn’t bring real healing

We built a zip line in our backyard from some scrap wood we had after sodding the yard and re-arranding the stairs on our deck. And, for about a year, the kids never had an issues with it.

No falling. No bleeding. No screaming…

Until one day, that is, when Mini (that’s what we call Miriam, the youngest girl) hit a snag about 10 feet in the air, fell, and landed on our wrist.

At first, it seemed like nothing…

Mini- showing us her "name plate" off the living room wall.

Mini- showing us her “name plate” off the living room wall.

We took her inside, let her get a leisurely bath, and then gave her something to eat. It had already been a long day, and we figured she probably just needed a bit of TLC and some rest.

But her wrist began to swell and she was in pain.

So, Cristy gave her an OTC pain reliever and I drove her to the ER to get a quick X-ray and have things evaluated.


Well, it seems obvious, doesn’t it? We knew that the pain she felt and the swelling we saw were alerting us to a deeper issue, something we couldn’t see- a possible broken bone. In other words, the pain and the swelling were just symptoms, signal flares, to “shout” at us and get our attention.

I would have never dreamed of simply giving Mini an Advil, Tylenol, or other pill every few hours of every day for the rest of her life, all while ignoring the deeper issue.

... and displaying a "kid-friendly" but totally-toxic breakfast she found at the book store!

… and displaying a “kid-friendly” but totally-toxic breakfast she found at the book store!

You wouldn’t have, either.

However, people actually do this every single day!

How so?

Enter Big Pharma…

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m super-glad we’ve got access to the best medicines and the best medical care. It’s an amazing gift.

However, drugs were originally designed to give temporary relief (like the pain reliever we gave Mini), so that the deeper issues could be addressed (the broken bone).

But, now we’ve created a situation in our culture where we’ve seemed to forget that the intent of the drugs was to give temporary relief while we seek permanent healing, right?

AShort clip- healing video- thumbnails.013nd how does this effect healing? Well, you can’t really heal a symptom, can you? That’s kind of like shadow boxing with the Devil rather than just knocking him out!

Want to explore this more with me? Take a look at this short video from The Healing Workshop where I talk through it.

After you do, I’d love to know what you think.


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God didn’t make THIS list?!

A few months into researching the material for the health & healing workshop, I came across an interesting tidbit… it seems that there are a TON of places we go for info. Some of those places aren’t traditional at all…

About a year ago, Cristy and I decided it was time for a getaway- a second honeymoon of sorts, seventeen years into our marriage. We set some money aside in a savings account, arranged childcare for a specific date, and began looking for places to fill the time…

The first place we went? The web. Specifically, this: Cristy made a post on Facebook– “Where would you go if you were…?” She went on to describe the criteria. All-inclusive. No kids (We have nine, so if we were wanting to hang out with kids we could have just stayed home, right? We love kids, but this was a couples getaway- LOL!). 

We got a lot of great advice. Some people steered us to certain places by giving a few sentences. Other concurred with their “thumb” (Facebook hadn’t installed hearts, smiley faces, WOW! faces, teary-eyed faces, and angry faces yet- so just a thumb or lack of thumb was all you got.)

Why did we go online? We know, really, that was the best way to get fast info- from friends who’d been there, done it, and had their approval or lack of it. It was the best way to get fast, accurate info.


What about your body? Your emotions? Your spirit…?

Leads me to this: Where do you go when you need health advice. Well, when I was studying to write The Field Guide to Healing I ran across a great book from Dr. Henry Wright. He references a USA Today article asked people plainly in a poll: “Where do you go when you’re sick?”

The results were what you might expect to see:

  • 50% call their primary care physician
  • 31% rely on what they see in the media
  • 5% talk to a relative or friend
  • 5% consult self-help books
  • 4% learn in school courses
  • 2% talk to their pharmacist

I know… that doesn’t add up to 100%. None of the remaining responses didn’t amount to a full percentage point. This means that, according to Dr. Wright, “not even a fraction of a percentage included a pastor, church, Bible, or God…”

Does it matter?

Well, you decide…

I’m not knocking the medical world. Frankly, I’m grateful that we have access to incredible facilities, the latest technologies, and some of the best professional people around. I’ve met numerous doctors and nurses who see what they do as their calling, as their sacred duty. And it shows every time they meet people at their most vulnerable moments, attending to some of their most intimate needs.

I also know that God is the Creator- and the Healer. And, sometimes He uses natural means; other times He uses radical interventions; many times we get to see a miracle.

So, where should you go for advice? Maybe it’s like our trip. When it was time to go, we went to the most experienced, most qualified source we could find.

Something to think about…



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The Overflow Podcast // 031 // Jim Goodyear- The Tour Divide 2K+ bike ride and doing something that terrifies you

13010608_1713463568930720_2068701684426471385_nAbout 9 months ago, Jim Goodyear told me he was going to ride across the United States, North to South, on a self-supported ride known as the Tour Divide. I thought he was crazy. After listening to some of the stories he told me about others who had ridden before him… and then hearing stories after he rode, of things he experienced, my feelings were confirmed: Jim is out of his mind.

Why else would you go on a self-supported ride? Why would you ride in the dark, particularly with threats of bears and every other thing that could go wrong? Why would you take a trip when sleeping in the bathroom of a State Park is considered a luxury that you may come across perhaps once or twice…

Well, it’s on trips like these that you come in touch with who you really are. Or, to bring it down to a level to which we can all relate, it’s when you face your fears- whether it be walking on fire, being transparent about your own shortcomings, or even walking across the room to speak to a stranger… it’s on those moments that we grow. It’s in those moments where we face our fears and walk through them anyway that we often become the people we’re destined to be.

Of course, that’s one of the things that makes Jim so great- walking head first into it and telling others about the journey.

13731693_1753566398253770_7139031066407636822_nDuring the podcast, Jim offers a great bit of advice he admittedly ripped from Eleanor Roosevelt: “Do something everyday that scares you.”

It may not be a Tour Divide ride, but it might be learning that new skill. Talking to that new person. Growing your business. Writing that book.

In fact, as you’re reading this, you probably know exactly what it is…

My advice? Do it…


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Heal from the inside out- not the outside in

I worked in a rehab /re-entry / restoration center for about 7 years. Actually, 8 years- if you count my year-stint working under a grant program at the other one. One thing I noticed is this: the boomerang. A lot of people walked through the front doors of our ministry center to receive help, they got it, and then they went back to the same lifestyle they were living before. Some of them did this multiple times.

In fact, once you get in “rehab circles,” it’s not odd to meet someone who’s been in and out of all of them in a single city. You read that right. They’ve done this 90-day program, that 6-month one, that 30-day treatment, that 45-day…

In just a few years, they’ve received more help from more people than most people ever thought possible… yet nothing has changed.

(Don’t get me wrong- we saw some amazing results as we learned more about the subject of this post, healing from the inside out- not the outside in.)


Make it real

OK. It’s easy to poo-poo on the “down and out,” right? Drug addicts. Street people. After all, they “deserve it” (we think).

bad fruit.001Here’s the truth, though: we often do the exact same thing- we just do it with more manageable, less noticeable “fruits.” But look at the pic to the right. Notice that the “issues” we all typically face- in one degree or another- are really bad fruits, not bad roots. The fruit you see on the outside is really an overflow of what’s happening- that you don’t see- on the inside.

In the same what that you can pull all of the apples from an apple tree and then expect to see a fresh harvest of apples the next season, you can pluck all of the “fruit” from someone that you want to pick. In time, just like those apples… that fruit will return.


Well, Jesus talks about it in the New Testament…

Matthew 7:17 quotes Him teaching,

Every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.

And, in Matthew 7:18 he says,

A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.

In other words, the fruit of your life is not the defining thing that we often make it to be. The fruit simply is a by-product of the internal root system. To change the fruit, you’ve got to change the root.


Let’s get practical

Look back at the pic above. Let’s talk through a few real-world examples.

If you’re consistently “blowing up” the relationships closest to you- it’s probably not their fault, and it’s probably not even a relational issue. It’s probably the result of an underlying root.

  • Perhaps there’s a root of bitterness / unforgiveness in a past relationship- and it’s becoming a grid whereby you interpret all present and future interactions. Unless that bad root is replaced with a good root of forgiveness, the relational time-bombs will continue ticking… and blowing up…
  • Perhaps it’s a root of lack of identity. You might not know who you are, so you look for your value as a human in other people. When they let you down (which they will do- after all, they’re only human!), you throw in the towel, thinking they never really cared for you- or that it was all about them. Trouble is, it wasn’t- it was all about you.

Do you see how this works?

Maybe another example…

good fruit.001Let’s say nothing is working out for you- self-sabotage is the fruit you see. Different roots could be driving the self-sabotage. Perhaps there’s a root of guilt and shame- and you don’t feel worthy of success and abundance. Or there could be a lack of identity- you don’t know “who you are” and so you keep hitting the control-alt-delete button on life and re-starting things just as they get going…

On the other hand, when we get the roots right (by replacing the old ones with new, healthy ones!), amazing fruit is able to grow- and to sustain.


Here’s what it means

Here’s what this means, to me:

  • If you’re (like I was for over a decade!) stuck in a pattern where you can’t lose weight (no matter how much you exercise), there may be a root somewhere that needs to be changed.
  • If you find yourself moving from relational rift to relational rift (I’ve done that, too), there may be a bad root…
  • If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others (yeah, me too!) rather than patiently walking the amazing destiny God has created specifically for you… it may be a root…

Guaranteed: change the root, and the right foot will come. You see, the fruit that you see on the outside is really an overflow of what’s happening- that you don’t see- on the inside!


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The Overflow Podcast // 030 // Nathan Petty- Fire-walking, fear-killing, and camaraderie that transcends words

IMG_4918A few weeks ago I walked on fire. Yes, actual, legit fire. Just like the guys do in the circus or the sideshow. In fact, 50 or so guys did this all at the same time…

As part of the Iron Will retreat this July in Salt Lake, 80 guys- all affiliated with Young Living in some way (either they are distributors, or their wives are), converged for 5 days of mayhem. Literally.

We shot guns.

Rode Polaris dune buggies (and flipped a few).

Had the opportunity to horseback ride (I didn’t do it, I rode the dune buggies).

Listen to a bunch of incredible teaching from Young Living’s founder, Gary Young.

And we walked on fire.

The fire walk was part of a larger session on overcoming fear. In that session, we actually wrote our fears on paper. And we seriously contemplated each of them. What were they? Why did we have them? And what was the absolute worst that could happen if any of those fears came true?

The evening culminated with the actual fire walk- 1400 degrees of heat. I’ll tell you about it in the recording below.


What are you afraid of?

I asked Nathan Petty, one of the men I’ve gotten to know through some of my travels to workshops, conventions, and other events, to sit with me and chat about his thoughts on the entire week in general and on the fire walk session in specific.

Post fire-walk. A little char on the feet, but no burn...

Post fire-walk. A little char on the feet, but no burn…

A photographer by trade, Nathan talks openly about dealing with career transitions (and how much of our identity is wrapped in what we do, as well as when we do it- yes, our schedule seems to be that important!).  He talks openly about kids, about broken relationships, and about grace that chases you until you’re overwhelmed with the Father’s love.

I’ve learned through conversations with guys like Nathan that, at the core, we’re all afraid of the same things. And we all have the same hurts and hang-ups. The same fears, even.

Regardless of how different we seem to be on the surface (Nathan is a West Coast photographer steeped in self culture) , we’re all the same. Almost carbon copies.

And, while we should be individuals, and celebrate our uniqueness, most of the things that make us truly unique are surface issues. So, yes, we should celebrate those differences. Our gifts are different. Our backgrounds and experiences are different. The things we bring to the table are unique. We can all benefit from each other.

The details are different, yet the stories in which we find ourselves are often the same. When we let our guard down, pull the masks off, and truly look at each other face-to-face, we grow as the individuals we were created to be and we- at the same time- grow together.


Something unique happened at the fire…

Something unique happened around that fire, and as we walked across it. I can’t explain it- it’s an intangible. Maybe some of the guys like Nathan, guys who were there, can communicate it more clearly.

What happened? 

I’ll tell you… it’s one of those things that you can’t quite explain, just one of the things you know. It was a feeling of, whatever you brought to this fire, and whatever fear or concern it represented, is done. It’s gone. Vanished. Burned away.

That- and a sense that comes from the look in the other guys’ eyes of, “I know where you are… I’m there, too. I know…”

It’s not a sense of  “Let me fix this… ” Or- “Let me give you a short, pithy statement  or Bible verse to whitewash it…”

It’s just a sense of an unspoken something more like “I know… I’m there… And you’ve got it. We’ve got it…”



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Another of the pics we made at the event that are referenced in the show:


Your spirit is more powerful than you think

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a jillion times. I mean, if we’re completely honest with one another, I’ve actually said it- or something like it: I need to get re-filled, I need to get “connected.” The implication is that, somehow, we’re missing something, that we’re spiritually empty

Somewhere, we bought into the lie that we could actually become disconnected from our Heavenly Father- that we could think enough of the wrong things, ignore His quiet whisper a few too many times, or “check out” of His reality and into a lesser one which we create… and simply lose our identity as sons and daughters.

Think Touch Tell- keynote- workshop slides.411Much the contrary, the guys who wrote the Bible (most of them having a worse-than-checkered past) insist that things are dramatically different– that you’re not empty, that you don’t need to get re-connected… that you already have everything you need to do everything you’re destined to do. And that you never lose it. Ever.


Back up

When I was younger, I was told things like, “Jesus lives in you.” Somehow, I envisioned a little man standing inside my heart. Or sitting on a throne.

Here's proof. A page straight out of one of the books!

Here’s proof. A page straight out of one of the books!

We even had little orange booklets that we used to “evangelize” people that had pictures of thrones inside hearts- complete with little men in them. In some pictures, Jesus was on the throne and we were bowing before it. In other pics, we were on the throne and He was standing to the side. Either way, the implication was the same: there was a little man living inside of me. Or outside. Or playing the hokey-pokey in and out.

Yet the Bible suggests it’s not just that Christ lives in you; moreso, for you to live is actually Christ. That is, He expresses Himself through you. And, He identifies Himself so closely with who you are and what you do that the two of you actually become synonymous.

The same One who says He’s the light of the world insists that you’re the light.

Short clip- healing video- thumbnails.009The One who says He was sent by the Father declares that He now sends you in the same way.

The One who suggests we should ask Him for a drink… He contends that He’ll make you a source of life and water and replenishing that will flood the world around you.

Yeah. Watch the video. Your spirit is stronger than you think. And, when you understand that, you realize that you don’t need something from the outside to penetrate your world and change things. Everything you need- for health, for vitality, for well-being… is already here.


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Think Touch Tell- keynote- workshop slides.419

Miracle or no miracle, your healing starts now (Video teaching at Word Alive)

This past Sunday I was invited to teach healing at Word Alive- an amazing church in the Anniston / Oxford area- about 50 miles from Birmingham. In the first few minutes of the talk (which starts around 57:00 into the overall recording), I talk about the “strange” way I met Pastor Kent Mattox a few years ago…

Then we talk a bit about an incredible healing miracle that happened when we sent a video-recorded prayer through  cell phone earlier this summer…

Lesson 01 Healing- Miracle or no miracle, healing starts now.001Finally, after a long intro, I move into actual talk itself.

Here are the main ideas.

First, you were created to be well. Sin didn’t cause the need for health and healing- it was always part of God’s provision and plan (Genesis 1:26). We see the availability of healing in the Garden of Eden- before The Fall.

Second, health and healing are how things “end.” In Heaven, the tree of life exists for the healing of the nations (Ezekiel 47:12, Revelation 22:2).

Third, right now, Jesus heals with miracles and with natural health. All throughout the Bible we see that He used miracles for some- and He “taught others how to be well.” You’ll learn in this talk that the Apostle Paul did the same thing… and, this is how Jesus empowered His disciples. Yes, they performed miracles and they, too, taught people who to live well. (I know, sounds odd… but, hang on, and you’ll see!)


The green M&Ms

Before heading to teach at Word Alive, I spent a few days with some staff members throughout the summer. That led to some conversations completely off-topic from church and ministry… and even to some kidding.

IMG_5272-1I casually mentioned that Van Halen had a contract rider than required that all the brown M&Ms be removed from the green room. Their rationale was simple: the provision was buried in the middle of the part of the contract that outlined specs for electrical loads, weight limits, and other safety requirements for their show. David Lee Roth (the lead singer) knew that if he saw a bowl of M&Ms that were curiously missing the “brown ones” that the concert promoter or venue manager had read the contract, and all safety concerns were in check. On the other hand, the presence of brown M&Ms meant everyone had skipped the details and that there could be some safety issues…

“I’d like no green M&Ms in the green room,” I proposed…

Of course, it was a joke. But, the bigger joke was that they actually did it- and then tossed the “green ones” back in my face with their own bowl!


Back on track

OK. So back to the main point. Here you go: Sometimes, we wait for a miracle. But you don’t need to. Start walking in health now. Choose life.

Until the miracle comes....001If the miracle comes, you’re going to want to continue walking in health to steward what you’ve been given, right? I mean, how many people do you know that are healed instantly, only to see the illness return?

I’m convinced that much of what I’ve seen in my own life… much of the healing I’ve received, would disappear if I didn’t continue walking in health. It’s not because I “earned” the gift I received- rather, I want to steward it.


In other words, you don’t have to wait. You can start now. Besides, there are examples in the New Testament where people were healed as they went…


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The Overflow Podcast // 29 // Scott Schuler, The myth of overnight success and disgruntled shoe salesmen

13880167_10208696268796637_8862734389397764764_nSo Scott Schuler was $130,000 in debt when he and his wife started working their home-based business (it’s not a secret- he tells you about it in the recording below). That was 10 years ago. Today, their debt free, they make more money in a month than they ever thought they would make in a year.

Yeah, it’s easy to look at them and think, “Man, I wish I was in their place… If I was them, I’d be sitting pretty, living large, all of my problems would be solved…”

And therein lies the problem with a  great story. In order to have a incredible story, you have to go through some stuff- a lot of it. Usually, it means things like:

  • Memes.009A huge time investment.
  • Lots of people accepting you and saying “Yes!”- while even more people say, “No, not for me… And, by the way, you’re crazy!”
  • Not knowing if it will work… Sure, you believe it will… but it might not.

So, in episode 29, Scott takes on the idea of easy, instant, overnight success. Quite simply, it’s a myth. Even the people who succeed in a new venture overnight spend years building their skill sets, networking, and gaining credibility. And, it takes time.

(Oddly enough, people who go into a new business venture and seem to succeed overnight, well… they usually have years behind them of building a skill, networking with a group, and doing a list of other activities consistently that they might not have even known would one day bring them huge success. In hindsight, it all makes sense, though.)


Momentum killers

I asked Scott things that keep people from success, then- since it’s not automatic and since it’s not overnight.

His answer: a lack of action, and a desire for comfort. In other words, if you’re going to grow in any area, you’re probably going to be stretched… and you’re going to have to actually do something. Something that pushes your personal limits. And you’ll probably have to do it a few times, even as you get more acclimated to it.

Sound difficult?

Well, Scott said you should never go at it alone. Ever. In fact, he tells new business builders to go find- not one, but- two other people who want to work with them. Face it, sometimes one is down and the others are up. And each person brings a different skill set to the mix.


And, finally…

Finally, Scott talks about the underlying reasons for doing what you do. Sometimes, people call it a “why.” What’s the “why”? It’s the drive, the motivation that keeps you going.

And, that way may change. The things that get you out of bed and excited during one season of life may change in another season. And, the things that get you excited for one specific goal… well… they may be irrelevant to others.

In the conversation, Scott talks about his shift… and what kept him going even after they hit success (hint: the motivation to get out of debt no longer mattered… that was gone… they needed a new driving factor.).

Oh, that thing about the shoe salesmen..? You’ll have to listen to the end…


Links mentioned in the show


I guarantee you’ll be healed of something while you watch this video…

I’m not much on over-promising. Just the opposite. I like it when others under-promise and then over-deliver, so I try to do the same thing.

That said, there’s one “tool” I’ve learned (I didn’t make it up, in other words- someone taught it to me) that works for healing 99.99999999% of the time. Dare I say it works 100% of the time? Yes, it’s that good…


First, why- and then what

Let me tell you why it works, first…

Short clip-  healing video- thumbnails.008Basically (and this is the way simplified version of it, OK?), your limbic brain manages your memories and handles your emotions. The two are often connected.

Sometimes, there’s a positive aspect to it. You remember something exciting- and there’s emotion attached to it. Feeling. Heart.

Many times, though, there’s a negative association. You remember a painful person, place, or thing… and there are emotions attached to it, too. You heart might start beating faster, your speech may become more intense and animated… your blood may literally “boil,” as the saying goes.

Your limbic brain is different than the neocortex. The neocortex is the frontal lobe, the outer layer which is rich in logic and words. The limbic brain is not anti-logic, it’s just more than logic.

You understand this if you’ve ever made a decision that just felt right. You couldn’t explain it, but you knew intuitively that it was what you needed to do. And, you not have even been able to put it into words… even though you really, really knew the decision was right.

That’s because the limbic brain isn’t rich in words. It has no capacity to communicate with them, in fact! Sure, it responds to all stimuli- sight, smell… sounds… (yes, words!)… but it can’t communicate in words.

Again, this is why something may be a deep, intimate part of you… and yet you may not be able to explain it to others. It’s not that the feeling isn’t important, it’s that it’s more than words.


Filing the memories

The limbic brain is responsible for storing your memories- good and bad. And, as you might imagine, it attaches the corresponding emotions to them. A great memory gets filed with all the incredible emotions that accompanied the original experience. A horrible memory gets filed with its emotions and feelings, too.

(By the way, this is why you can hear that song on the radio and you’re instantly taken back to a specific place and time…)

Oddly enough, the limbic brain doesn’t file these emotions in your brain, though. Rather, it files them somewhere in your body. It could be anywhere.

It might file the memory in your gut. Or your head. Or an arm. A back. A neck… anywhere is fair game.

If the memory is a “bad” memory (read: something hurtful to you), your body will eventually signal a flare to let you know that you need to deal with it. To resolve it. To eliminate the pain from your past (and from your body!).

This might result in…

  • An explained back-ache
  • Migraines that appear suddenly, without reason (and start coming regularly)
  • Digestive issues
  • Heart palpitations
  • Unexplained sweats, hot spells… or even the opposite…

Or, it could come out in some other way. My point is not to give you an exhaustive list, but to just give you a heads-up to how this works. Remember- your body, your soul, and your spirit… they’re all connected. Each one radically effects the other(s).


But, I keep getting sick- even after I “fix it”

If you cover the symptom (that’s what all of these bodily “malfunctions” are), the symptom will simply move somewhere else in short order. Your body will still let you know something is wrong, something that you need to handle for your own health’s sake…

check-engine-lightThink about it like this: if your car’s “check engine light” begins blinking, you know you need to address something under the hood. That’s what these bodily symptoms are like. You’d never dream of unplugging the light, duct-taping over it… or just “living with it.”

Yet that’s what we often do with the “check engine” lights are body gives us!

Furthermore, imagine your vehicle had the ability to over-ride you when you ignored the check engine light. The car’s windshield wipers begin swiping. The radio booms. Or the car only works in reverse…

That’s the automotive equivalent of what your body does. You cover the migraine with a pharmaceutical, so the pain emerges in your back. Or you take something for the indigestion, then your heart seems to move out of sync…


What this has to do with healing

In other words, let’s say you can’t find healing regardless of how much you seek to be healed. So, in time, you wonder if something’s wrong with you- or if it’s just your destiny to have chronic problems.

You might have even gone to the doctor and heard something like this: “We don’t know. It’s inconclusive. We’ll just run some tests…”

Ring a bell?

Since the symptom is attached to a memory, the only way to heal the symptom is to heal the memory. The memory, in other words, is the root… the symptom is just the fruit.

How do you “heal the memory,” then?

You forgive…

Yes, I know. Easier said than done. However, it becomes easier when we remember what forgiveness means…

  • It doesn’t mean what happened was right (in fact, forgiveness acknowledges it was wrong)
  • It doesn’t mean that it didn’t hurt (forgiveness actually admits that it did hurt- a lot)
  • It doesn’t mean you have to restore the relationship (sometimes, you shouldn’t)

Forgiveness means you simply refuse to carry the weight of what happened, that you deny the past wrong the ability to define your identity in the future…

And when you do that, when you “let go” of the past, the memory heals. The pain heals. And the symptoms of that pain go away…

Often, we see people instantly healed of longtime illness and disease when they forgive…



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The Overflow Podcast // 28 // Tom Nikkola, optimal health & fitness for normal guys

13256086_10206660717972925_2341615736619014298_nTom Nikkola is a unique guy- a 5-year old ski jumped turned slightly overweight kid turned fitness machine, Tom’s a walking oxymoron. He’s part jock; totally ultra-smart (yeah, he writes health and fitness articles and teaches amazing classes). He’s also part cool-man; totally committed to his wife, Vanessa (and what’s really cooler than that?!).

I asked Tom to join me on the podcast to talk men’s health- to discuss some of the easy go-to’s for guys, things you need in your natural health “medicine cabinet” (for lack of a better term). So, in this episode we talk nutrition and recovery… and we talk about everything from men’s declining testosterone levels to how much protein you really need to even greater things…

Greater things like thinking the right thoughts.Oily App Tshirt 3

And greater things like loving your wife and kids well.

Want to learn more about Tom and Vanessa? Go to, or find Tom Nikkola on Facebook.


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