The Overflow Podcast // 038 // The Ladder, part 1- I’ll show you how to advance from where you are to where you’re destined to be

img_5461Great things are in store for you. You know it. You can sense it, feel it… it may even be so close that you can actually see it. Whether it’s your business, your health… a relationship… even some other goal…. there are incredible things waiting for you to simply receive.

The Ladder is a tool guaranteed to get you there. And, get this, it’s a short ladder- because even though your dreams are colossal, they’re closer to you than you dreamed possible.


A tool you can  use…

I’ll show you how to define WHAT it is you really want, we’ll discuss the important of getting some practical steps that show you HOW to get there… and, we’ll discuss a buzzword that gets thrown around lot- but often lacks definition and context: WHY.

You’ll see that with each step you define, you move closer to your dream, as well as “higher” and “deeper” at the same time.




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