The Overflow Podcast // 036 // Jay Carter talks fitness- and even crushing other goals- for normal guys


A few months ago, I ran into Jay Carter’s wife, Mary, at a conference in Washington, DC. She thanked me for what we taught Jay at the most recent Advance weekend, then told me he was making the bed every morning… things had radically changed. He was also running, beginning to take on some other projects around the house, and had dropped about 15 pounds.

Cristy was shocked: “Andy taught him to make the bed!”

I admitted I hadn’t taught him any such thing. Rather, Jay had take some tools he learned at the Advance, applied them in the way that suited him the best (which is exactly how the material at Advance works- everyone walks away with something tailor-made to them and their own goals / priorities).

580948_4340744678175_561658550_nMy time gets pretty thin at the Advance weekend, so I don’t get to talk to everyone as much as I’d like. Jay was one of those guys I wanted to meet- but it just hadn’t happened. So, I made a mental note to catch up with him at the next rendezvous- and then did.

My impressions were correct: he didn’t really need our help- we’d just helped inspire him. He was already a great guy- it’s just easier to be great when you’ve got others around you trying to live out their greatness, too.

Hence the old adage: “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.”

And, Solomon’s own way of saying it: “He who walks with the wise will be wise… but the companion of fools suffers harm” (Proverbs 13:20).

Over time, I learned that Jay was doing some oddly incredible (yes, I meant to put both of those words together) fitness activities. A triathlon. A stair climb in full fire-fighter gear in honor of the 09/11 rescue workers who gave their lives to assist others…

So, I thought we needed to chat. How do regular guys- guys with real routines like making the bed and chasing kids and working a job- actually get in shape?

So, listen in… and look for… (Jay’s ideas, not mine):

  1. Consistency. Do something every single day. But, don’t just do “something,” have a plan of what you’re going to do.
  2. More is not better- better is better. This sounds odd. You’ve got to think long-term, though. You’re not going to be in radically better shape in a single day. You’re going to be in a “little bit” better shape. Continue that trend, though, and you’ll make it.
  3. Accountability. Training partners help us by calling out the greatness in us. Often, we think accountability only keeps us from doing things we shouldn’t do. The truth, though, is that accountability also encourages us to be everything we’re destined to be.
  4. Goals- have something to look forward to. Jay advocates starting with something small… and then having another “carrot” to go for… then another… So, you’re first goal might be a 5-K… then a 10-K or triathlon… or something a bit larger. Reach, now, for something that’s just out of reach… and continue reaching.
  5. Education / coach-ability.  You can learn something from everyone. Soak in all you can- even from places you might not expect it.
  6. Have fun. If your’e not enjoying it, do something  you will enjoy. This doesn’t mean it won’t be hard… often, it is the result you enjoy more than the process itself. But, it’s got to be something the brings you value, or it will be short-lived.
  7. Gear- get the right tools for the job. In fitness, having the right shoes, the right bike… the right shorts… it can make all the difference.

Incidentally, everything we discussed applies to every area of life. That is, Jay’s steps work whether you’re trying to crush a fitness goal… or a business goal… or even date your spouse. Work through the list; you’ll see what I mean.

Show notes

Jay’s weight loss story on Mary’s blog:

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The Overflow Podcast // 035 // David Trombly kicks cancer, walks in health, brings healing to others


A week or so ago David Trombly performed a wedding. It was the logical outcome of walking in relationship  with hockey players for a few years… you’re there in the trenches, you get to be there at the high moments, too. Earlier that same week, he posted online that he’d been up in an aircraft- a fighter jet. The view from 10,000-plus feet was breathtaking, he said…

14519929_10209845088301085_1184739144029314458_nYou might get the idea that he lives on a silver cloud. But, dig into the story a bit, and you find out that the high points are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more under the surface.

Back in 2000, David was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer- there wasn’t one person who’d lived more than 5 years with it. Doctors advocated multiple scenarios involving removing a jawbone, aggressive chemotherapy, and a quality of life David didn’t want…

In his early 30s, married and with a few kids, they opted for a more natural way of handling things. Over the next few weeks, he was introduced to a young man who “ran away” (literally) to Tijuana and found healing…

Then he met a German doctor.

And he began using some Canadian medicine…

He found a raw nutritionist.

And he met a Swiss doctor.

After several months, David was cancer free. Has been for over 15 years, now. However, in his own words, he didn’t put cancer in the rear view mirror (behind him). Nor did he bury it (i.e., “Let’s don’t revisit that horrible time in our lives.”). Rather, he uses this story to empower others… to show them what’s available to them.

There’s power in story- in your story. In fact, your story often contains the SAME power as the original miracle you were brought through. Others NEED your story…



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The Overflow Podcast // 031 // Jim Goodyear- The Tour Divide 2K+ bike ride and doing something that terrifies you

13010608_1713463568930720_2068701684426471385_nAbout 9 months ago, Jim Goodyear told me he was going to ride across the United States, North to South, on a self-supported ride known as the Tour Divide. I thought he was crazy. After listening to some of the stories he told me about others who had ridden before him… and then hearing stories after he rode, of things he experienced, my feelings were confirmed: Jim is out of his mind.

Why else would you go on a self-supported ride? Why would you ride in the dark, particularly with threats of bears and every other thing that could go wrong? Why would you take a trip when sleeping in the bathroom of a State Park is considered a luxury that you may come across perhaps once or twice…

Well, it’s on trips like these that you come in touch with who you really are. Or, to bring it down to a level to which we can all relate, it’s when you face your fears- whether it be walking on fire, being transparent about your own shortcomings, or even walking across the room to speak to a stranger… it’s on those moments that we grow. It’s in those moments where we face our fears and walk through them anyway that we often become the people we’re destined to be.

Of course, that’s one of the things that makes Jim so great- walking head first into it and telling others about the journey.

13731693_1753566398253770_7139031066407636822_nDuring the podcast, Jim offers a great bit of advice he admittedly ripped from Eleanor Roosevelt: “Do something everyday that scares you.”

It may not be a Tour Divide ride, but it might be learning that new skill. Talking to that new person. Growing your business. Writing that book.

In fact, as you’re reading this, you probably know exactly what it is…

My advice? Do it…


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The Overflow Podcast // 28 // Tom Nikkola, optimal health & fitness for normal guys

13256086_10206660717972925_2341615736619014298_nTom Nikkola is a unique guy- a 5-year old ski jumped turned slightly overweight kid turned fitness machine, Tom’s a walking oxymoron. He’s part jock; totally ultra-smart (yeah, he writes health and fitness articles and teaches amazing classes). He’s also part cool-man; totally committed to his wife, Vanessa (and what’s really cooler than that?!).

I asked Tom to join me on the podcast to talk men’s health- to discuss some of the easy go-to’s for guys, things you need in your natural health “medicine cabinet” (for lack of a better term). So, in this episode we talk nutrition and recovery… and we talk about everything from men’s declining testosterone levels to how much protein you really need to even greater things…

Greater things like thinking the right thoughts.Oily App Tshirt 3

And greater things like loving your wife and kids well.

Want to learn more about Tom and Vanessa? Go to, or find Tom Nikkola on Facebook.


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The Overflow Podcast // 023 // More about healing, the healing project, and resources for your wellness journey

Guide to Healing- BoxshotIn episode 23 of The Overflow Podcast, I’m flying solo again, talking to you about health and wellness. And miracles. And answering the question, “Why isn’t everyone healed?” And, the follow-up, “Is there anything we can do about it?”

If you’ve been following along, you remember I discussed two kinds of healing in episode 19 of the podcast ( This recording takes that conversation a bit farther. Here, we’ll talk about things like…

  • How I stumbled into this- on accident
  • The reason(s) some people are healed miraculously- and then “lose” the miracle
  • The one thing couch potatoes and lottery players have in common…
  • How we can walk towards healing every single time- even if the miracle doesn’t seem to come (yet)

If you’re ready to take charge of your own life… if you feel like you’ve lost the skip in your step- or need a re-charge… if you would love a step-by-step process backed by science, the Scripture, and history… and, if feel like part of your destiny is to take the message of health and healing to others (even if you might just feel a little weird admitting it!), then listen on…

And I’ll give you some info on where to grab some free materials at the end of this show!



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The Overflow Podcast // 019 // Why isn’t everyone healed? How do we change that?

Overflow Podcast.keyIn this episode of The Overflow Podcast you get… well… me. Whereas I usually interview some amazing people each week, for this episode I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite topics: healing.

Two years ago, I was exhausted, overworked (80-hours / week), and we were living paycheck-to-paycheck. The constant toil of everything physical and emotional drain. The fruit… was that I was 50 pounds overweight and developed a stack of health problems. (You can read about that journey at

Once I made some changes, a few things corrected themselves instantly. Other issues were healed over time as I began my health journey…

And that’s the way it actually works in the Bible. Whereas we typically think Jesus healed everyone instantly, a quick read through the New Testament shows that many were healed instantly (iaomai, which means “instant healing” is used 30x), more were healed over time as they were taught to be well (therapeuo appears 40x).

Ok. That probably just blew your mind… So, listen on. And, I’ll talk you through the concept, then introduce you to a new project that we’re about to drop in the next few weeks.

By the way, here’s some of the info referenced in the podcast:

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