The Overflow Podcast // 039 // The Ladder, part 2- What-How-Why-Who….


In last week’s podcast, I discussed the first three rungs of The Ladder- What, How, & Why. This week, in part 2, I show you the importance of revelation… of insight… of really “knowing” what’s going on inside.

Face it, where there is no vision, no sense of mystery and destiny, the most sacred of dreams seem to fade to the side. There still there, and still things we want, but we push them off and simply deal with the day-to-day grind staring us in the face.

As well, in this podcast you’ll learn…

  • what to do if you’re stuck… if you’ve defined your dream, but aren’t sure how to get there, and
  • what to do if you feel alone… like there’s no one in your corner, and no one walking with you.

Finally, I’ll show you the “bus,” one of the most powerful images we use when teaching these concepts. It’s simple- in fact- all of these tools are so simple you’ll be able to implement them yourself AND teach them to others immediately after watching.

So, if you’re a take charge kind of leader…

If you’re looking for a step-by-step process that’s worked for hundreds of others and is guaranteed to move you from where you are to where you want to be- in any area of business or life…

If you feel you’re called to be blessed… and know there are blessings there for you to receive so that you can turn and empower others with the same…

And, if you believe walking in your destiny could pull you into a circle of some of the most fun people in the world, equipping you to walk one of the most exciting paths you’ve journeyed…

Then this is your ladder…


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The Overflow Podcast // 038 // The Ladder, part 1- I’ll show you how to advance from where you are to where you’re destined to be

img_5461Great things are in store for you. You know it. You can sense it, feel it… it may even be so close that you can actually see it. Whether it’s your business, your health… a relationship… even some other goal…. there are incredible things waiting for you to simply receive.

The Ladder is a tool guaranteed to get you there. And, get this, it’s a short ladder- because even though your dreams are colossal, they’re closer to you than you dreamed possible.


A tool you can  use…

I’ll show you how to define WHAT it is you really want, we’ll discuss the important of getting some practical steps that show you HOW to get there… and, we’ll discuss a buzzword that gets thrown around lot- but often lacks definition and context: WHY.

You’ll see that with each step you define, you move closer to your dream, as well as “higher” and “deeper” at the same time.




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The Overflow Podcast // 034 // Dustin Tudor discusses the importance of discovering who your kids really are

img_5464-2This past weekend, we completed the- get this!– sixth Advance. This is the event you learned about in episode 32, when Verick hosted a panel of past Advance attenders. Throughout the weekend, guys are directed towards focusing on their goals, as opposed to looking at an arbitrary goal that’s handed to them (i.e., hit a higher rank in business, for instance).

Some of the guys decide they want to get healthy.

Others decide it’s a marriage that needs redemption that’s on the top of their mind.

A few want to crush their finances- to get out of debt, to secure their future… and eliminate a ton of stress in the process.

Some go after their kids… hard

In fact, there’s a goal board- a place where guys actually write what they want to achieve- the “best case scenario” for them in whatever area they want to see results. Throughout the weekend, we go hard after it. And, together, we get results!

dustin-tudor-who-is-whoDustin Tudor is one of the guys who decided he wanted- he needed– to pursue his kids. After a previous Advance, he diligently sought their hearts AND he determined to know what the Lord had created each of them to be. In time, he saw that their calling, their identity, all fit together. They were planned (read: fore-ordained) to be together and complement one another.

We asked Dustin to teach a breakout session at Advance 6.0- and I got him on the phone as part of the prep for it. Together, we talked through the concepts he was developing…

Turns out, Dustin has a fighter, a lover, and a builder in his family. Here, he talks about why each is important to the other… and how they work together to create something of amazing value (see the graphic).

Your role isn’t to duplicate what Dustin has done- your job is to uncover the unique design on each of your kids- and then to shepherd them to greatness in that role, knowing that they play a unique part of a larger puzzle.



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The Overflow Podcast // 032 // Verick Burchfield hosts a manly chat about the Advance

advance-title-slide-001In this episode of The Overflow Podcast, Verick Burchfield leads a panel of guys- all joining him via Zoom- to discuss the upcoming Men’s Advance in Atlanta, GA. What’s an Advance? Well, it’s a weekend retreat (we prefer to call it “Advance,” though, since it’s about moving forward instead of shirking back and retreating, OK?!)… a weekend ADVANCE… that’s…

1/3 life

1/3 faith

1/3 business and everything else

The Advance weekend(s) began about two years ago, when a group of guys decided to create a “do-over” of some important events that happened on a business retreat. It seemed to them that getting a few guys in the same room- guys who would be transparent and real, yet push each other forward- was a major need. So, a date was penciled into the calendar, and plans were created to converge in Memphis, TN.

advance-bus-logo-02That group of 20 became 40-ish a few months later… in Birmingham, Alabama.

Then 40 became 80 or more in Kansas City for Advance 3.0.

Those 80 became 115 in San Diego last Fall…

Then 150-ish in Dallas in late February 2016…

With each Advance, the team has gotten tighter- and the influence has grown. More people have been invited into the circle. More lives have been changed.

In this conversation, you’ll learn…

* The vision of the Advance

* Who should go

* Some of the takeaways from guys who initially were skeptical about what they were walking into.

Listen on!



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The Overflow Podcast // 030 // Nathan Petty- Fire-walking, fear-killing, and camaraderie that transcends words

IMG_4918A few weeks ago I walked on fire. Yes, actual, legit fire. Just like the guys do in the circus or the sideshow. In fact, 50 or so guys did this all at the same time…

As part of the Iron Will retreat this July in Salt Lake, 80 guys- all affiliated with Young Living in some way (either they are distributors, or their wives are), converged for 5 days of mayhem. Literally.

We shot guns.

Rode Polaris dune buggies (and flipped a few).

Had the opportunity to horseback ride (I didn’t do it, I rode the dune buggies).

Listen to a bunch of incredible teaching from Young Living’s founder, Gary Young.

And we walked on fire.

The fire walk was part of a larger session on overcoming fear. In that session, we actually wrote our fears on paper. And we seriously contemplated each of them. What were they? Why did we have them? And what was the absolute worst that could happen if any of those fears came true?

The evening culminated with the actual fire walk- 1400 degrees of heat. I’ll tell you about it in the recording below.


What are you afraid of?

I asked Nathan Petty, one of the men I’ve gotten to know through some of my travels to workshops, conventions, and other events, to sit with me and chat about his thoughts on the entire week in general and on the fire walk session in specific.

Post fire-walk. A little char on the feet, but no burn...

Post fire-walk. A little char on the feet, but no burn…

A photographer by trade, Nathan talks openly about dealing with career transitions (and how much of our identity is wrapped in what we do, as well as when we do it- yes, our schedule seems to be that important!).  He talks openly about kids, about broken relationships, and about grace that chases you until you’re overwhelmed with the Father’s love.

I’ve learned through conversations with guys like Nathan that, at the core, we’re all afraid of the same things. And we all have the same hurts and hang-ups. The same fears, even.

Regardless of how different we seem to be on the surface (Nathan is a West Coast photographer steeped in self culture) , we’re all the same. Almost carbon copies.

And, while we should be individuals, and celebrate our uniqueness, most of the things that make us truly unique are surface issues. So, yes, we should celebrate those differences. Our gifts are different. Our backgrounds and experiences are different. The things we bring to the table are unique. We can all benefit from each other.

The details are different, yet the stories in which we find ourselves are often the same. When we let our guard down, pull the masks off, and truly look at each other face-to-face, we grow as the individuals we were created to be and we- at the same time- grow together.


Something unique happened at the fire…

Something unique happened around that fire, and as we walked across it. I can’t explain it- it’s an intangible. Maybe some of the guys like Nathan, guys who were there, can communicate it more clearly.

What happened? 

I’ll tell you… it’s one of those things that you can’t quite explain, just one of the things you know. It was a feeling of, whatever you brought to this fire, and whatever fear or concern it represented, is done. It’s gone. Vanished. Burned away.

That- and a sense that comes from the look in the other guys’ eyes of, “I know where you are… I’m there, too. I know…”

It’s not a sense of  “Let me fix this… ” Or- “Let me give you a short, pithy statement  or Bible verse to whitewash it…”

It’s just a sense of an unspoken something more like “I know… I’m there… And you’ve got it. We’ve got it…”


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Another of the pics we made at the event that are referenced in the show:


The Overflow Podcast // 025 // Jay Pointer talks firsthand about moving from depression to your destiny

10013789_10203997181914232_1084803442627686106_nI’ve had the opportunity to meet Jay a few times, now- almost every single time when he’s “out of his element” (read: not at work, not with his game face on). In other words, I’ve seen the “normal” side of him.

And I’ve seen him when he’s “on”- speaking onstage, handshaking and hugging at an event…

Turns out, the person you see away from work is the same person you see on the stage.

Might give you the impression Jay has it all figured out, that he has everything together. Or that he’s ALWAYS had it all together.

Jay and I originally planned to talk about leadership for this episode of the podcast. But, as we got into his story, I watched him fill in the blanks and put some pieces together on some of his life-stories I’d heard before. And I got the background on some of the leadership and self-help talking points I’ve heard…

Turns out Jay went through a tough season.

* A season where he got fired from a great (read: dream) job.

* A season where he- in his 30s- went back to the college days of walking around in the same clothes for a few days straight, simply playing video games to pass the time…

* A season where he wondered WHAT IN THE WORLD he was supposed to do (surely there was more than “this,” right? But how do you get started moving in any actual direction.)

I don’t know about you. I’ve been there, too. Jay’s story resonated on several levels. So… if you’re there, at the bottom… or if you know someone who is… and need some hope, inspiration, and even a few steps to identify where you’re at and how long it might take until you can breathe again… then listen on.

Links we discussed in the podcast:

* The free video series, “How do you to do it all?“:

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* The bus fundraiser:

* Advance 6.0-


Here’s Jay’s graphic:


The Overflow Podcast // 020 // Jason Howton talks his 3 fundamentals guaranteed to bring you success in every area of life

Jason HowtonSo a few weeks ago I had the chance to hear Jason Howton share his 3 fundamentals of success talk. It’s one of those messages that embedded deep in the messenger, such that the message and the messenger become one. He shares this message with his kids, he talks about it at his job and in the businesses his family runs, and he chats about it when the chance for “small talk” arises.

The first time I heard about the 3 fundamentals was on a van ride from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa. We were on a men’s Advance (2.0, of all things- go to to learn more), and Jason was wearing an FSU shirt on the way to the Alabama game. We got yelled at, cursed… and we learned about the 3 fundamentals.

What are the fundamentals? Well… they’re the same core concepts his wife, April, uses to run her home business- and her storefront. And they’re the same driving principles their daughter, a balloonist (yes!), weaves into her entertaining and business dealings (and she’s not even in high school, yet!). And, they’re core ideas that help you in marriage, in business, and at football games when you wear the wrong shirt (on purpose).

Alright. Let me re-introduce you to faith, hope, and love. And look at them with fresh eyes as Jason talks through them. They’re more integrated to each other than you might have imagined. And, there more threaded throughout the Bible and all of life than you’ve probably noticed… yet, once you see them like Jason outlines them, you’ll see them everywhere.

Jason’s references:

  • Hebrews 11:6 (faith)
  • 2 Peter 1:5-8 (faith)
  • Proverbs 29:18 (hope)
  • 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 (love)

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The Overflow Podcast // 017 // Ernie & Brad talk shop, using their unique skills to create a unique niche to help others

017Ernie and Brad never intended to start an “app” company. In all honesty, they both married gals who “pulled them” into their businesses. Then, they looked for ways to help.

And the way they helped was actually their wives’ idea!

In this episode we discuss how they got involved in Young Living, the creative process of navigating working together as a couple, leveraging your unique skills and talents to make things better for everyone, and lessons they’ve learned along the way!

What is the Oily App? It’s like having a full-color desk reference on your smartphone. With over 200 of Young Living’s best products (and growing each month) at your fingertips, with over 8 hours of biz-building videos, with a catalog of YL Foundation info… this is a must have tool for product users and business builders alike.

The best part? It’s contract-free and it cost less than a cup of coffee (or less than a smoothie for the healthy ones reading this!).


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The Overflow Podcast // 016 // John Critz gets creative, starts a new company, and more

John CritzThe first time I met John, someone had recruited him to chug a bottle of NingXia Red (Young Living’s power-packed nutrient-rich red drink) in a chug-off for a breakout session I was teaching with my friends Les and Verick at Young Living’s 2015 International Grand Convention. The second time I met him, we shot guns and ate Bison burgers. The third time… he told me about the company he started with some buddies that he sold to Facebook.

Not bad.

Somewhere after the Facebook stint, John rallied his skills- and the skills of some of his friends- to create tools to help take his wife’s home business to the next level. Today, they run the company while making road trips around the US in an RV (the perks of homeschooling and home-working at the same time!).


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