The Overflow Podcast // 28 // Tom Nikkola, optimal health & fitness for normal guys

13256086_10206660717972925_2341615736619014298_nTom Nikkola is a unique guy- a 5-year old ski jumped turned slightly overweight kid turned fitness machine, Tom’s a walking oxymoron. He’s part jock; totally ultra-smart (yeah, he writes health and fitness articles and teaches amazing classes). He’s also part cool-man; totally committed to his wife, Vanessa (and what’s really cooler than that?!).

I asked Tom to join me on the podcast to talk men’s health- to discuss some of the easy go-to’s for guys, things you need in your natural health “medicine cabinet” (for lack of a better term). So, in this episode we talk nutrition and recovery… and we talk about everything from men’s declining testosterone levels to how much protein you really need to even greater things…

Greater things like thinking the right thoughts.Oily App Tshirt 3

And greater things like loving your wife and kids well.

Want to learn more about Tom and Vanessa? Go to, or find Tom Nikkola on Facebook.


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The Overflow Podcast // 27 // Evan Gremont & Practical wisdom for parenting, business, all of life

Oily App Tshirt 3More complicated and more complex isn’t always better. In fact, Occam’s Razor says “The simplest solution is usually the best.” Or, to say it another way, “The simplest explanation is usually right.” Such is the case with wisdom. We don’t necessarily need newer, faster, or more technologically savvy… we just need simple and true.

In episode 27, I talk with Evan Gremont, a self-proclaimed expert in speaking in various accents and dialects who also happens to be an amazing guy. Part of what makes him incredible, besides having the insight to marry well, is this: simple, yet deep wisdom.

So, we ramble for an hour about things like…

  • parenting (building their character as opposed to reacting in anger)… and
  • business (building a team- and others- as opposed to just turning a profit)… and
  • relationships (and passing on to others the blessing you’ve received, paying it forward)… and
  • listening (to what they’re really saying- not what you want), and, of course
  • honor…

We talk about everything from the holocaust (his ancestors left their homeland because of it), to passing the blessings you’ve received to others (even complete strangers). And, we talk about the practical wisdom of the Old Testament (no, it’s not Law- it’s life!).

Finally, Evan discusses how, sometimes, stepping back and looking at reality for what it is- and then responding- as opposed to just reacting without thinking- is the best. Again, in the end, wisdom is the thing…

So, take it from a guy who, with his wife, is crushing it in business- and crushing it even more in life 🙂

Evan Gremont

Evan and Lindsey. Young Living Royal Crown Diamonds! Skilled in business- even more skilled in life 🙂

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The Overflow Podcast // 26 // Scott Garner & getting pulled into the power of relationships

Oily App Tshirt 3Scott & his wife Carol hi-jacked our day once- for the good. Rather, for the great. We were at a business event and ran into them at the front door. We hadn’t planned on seeing them- certainly not spending the majority of the day with them- but that’s what happened.

Here’s how: after about 30 seconds of chit-chat, Scott invited us to lunch (they’d already planned to try a new vegan place in Salt Lake City). About 30 seconds after that, they invited us to sit with them in their box suite for the event (we gladly gave up our “cheap seats”).

The Garners completely honored us, introducing them to their business team members, as well as lavishing us with encouragement and praise. It was surreal. And it had all been unplanned.

13770527_10154354908422806_4862823871398678648_nA few hours later, we ate lunch (with them and some new friends), then went to a large breakout session where Carol was speaking. Because of that encounter that morning, the entire day was gone… all for the good.

I asked Scott how their business grew so quickly. Turns out, he has no idea. He says they just love people and look for ways to serve them. My takeaway: that’s exactly how.

So, here’s the convo with one of my favorite people in the world- and my surfing coach (yes, he taught me how!)- Scott Garner.

Listen on. He’ll tell you how how he quit his dream job, how his wife started making her own essential oils (she mimicked Thieves), and some of the transitions they’ve made from through the past few years…

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The Overflow Podcast // 025 // Jay Pointer talks firsthand about moving from depression to your destiny

10013789_10203997181914232_1084803442627686106_nI’ve had the opportunity to meet Jay a few times, now- almost every single time when he’s “out of his element” (read: not at work, not with his game face on). In other words, I’ve seen the “normal” side of him.

And I’ve seen him when he’s “on”- speaking onstage, handshaking and hugging at an event…

Turns out, the person you see away from work is the same person you see on the stage.

Might give you the impression Jay has it all figured out, that he has everything together. Or that he’s ALWAYS had it all together.

Jay and I originally planned to talk about leadership for this episode of the podcast. But, as we got into his story, I watched him fill in the blanks and put some pieces together on some of his life-stories I’d heard before. And I got the background on some of the leadership and self-help talking points I’ve heard…

Turns out Jay went through a tough season.

* A season where he got fired from a great (read: dream) job.

* A season where he- in his 30s- went back to the college days of walking around in the same clothes for a few days straight, simply playing video games to pass the time…

* A season where he wondered WHAT IN THE WORLD he was supposed to do (surely there was more than “this,” right? But how do you get started moving in any actual direction.)

I don’t know about you. I’ve been there, too. Jay’s story resonated on several levels. So… if you’re there, at the bottom… or if you know someone who is… and need some hope, inspiration, and even a few steps to identify where you’re at and how long it might take until you can breathe again… then listen on.

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Here’s Jay’s graphic:


The Overflow Podcast // 023 // More about healing, the healing project, and resources for your wellness journey

Guide to Healing- BoxshotIn episode 23 of The Overflow Podcast, I’m flying solo again, talking to you about health and wellness. And miracles. And answering the question, “Why isn’t everyone healed?” And, the follow-up, “Is there anything we can do about it?”

If you’ve been following along, you remember I discussed two kinds of healing in episode 19 of the podcast ( This recording takes that conversation a bit farther. Here, we’ll talk about things like…

  • How I stumbled into this- on accident
  • The reason(s) some people are healed miraculously- and then “lose” the miracle
  • The one thing couch potatoes and lottery players have in common…
  • How we can walk towards healing every single time- even if the miracle doesn’t seem to come (yet)

If you’re ready to take charge of your own life… if you feel like you’ve lost the skip in your step- or need a re-charge… if you would love a step-by-step process backed by science, the Scripture, and history… and, if feel like part of your destiny is to take the message of health and healing to others (even if you might just feel a little weird admitting it!), then listen on…

And I’ll give you some info on where to grab some free materials at the end of this show!



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The Overflow Podcast // 22 // Chip Kouwe discusses growing plants, growing people, and “old-timers” vs “newbies” in the business

Oily App Tshirt 3Chip Kouwe has been around natural health & wellness, essential oils, and figuring things out for 20-plus years. In this convo it became apparent, it’s not just the plants that grow- and produce a product that people use for natural health / wellness options. It’s also the people that grow.

In this conversation, Chip and I talk about the unique part that the “veterans” of the business have played. And, we talk about how some of the new business builders have made some additions, tweaks, and adjustments to what’s been there for years…

Guys like Chip built the infrastructure of what is now an amazing company, an amazing opportunity to change your health and your financial outlook, and an incredible venue to find your unique purpose. That meant long nights driving trucks with snow chains. Weeks and months creating farms that could one day grow the plants that produce the products…

So, yes. There are Facebook groups now. There are events. There are new opportunities. But those only exist because of men and women who’ve been in the trenches for a long time, doing the hard work, getting the field ready… and then inviting us into their venture.

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The Overflow Podcast // 021 // Chase Harrison- My wife never intended to be my boss, and… (the other side of quitting your day job)

Chase Harrison

A lot of gals who start working from home get the ambitious dream of bringing their husband home from work- of retiring him. Face it: it’s a great dream. If you’ve got the income stream from your home business to NOT have to go to the office every single day, punch a time clock somewhere across town, and have someone else in control of your schedule… well, it grants you a lot of freedom and flexibility. That’s why we started working the business to begin with, right? But is it all it’s cracked up to be?

And do guys soar the highest when they stop working? Should that coming home be the goal, or is there something else we should be striving for? Remember, men were given the charge to work BEFORE the Fall in Genesis 3- not after it. So, work is not the result of sin and chaos- it’s something we were designed to do from the very beginning, back when things were perfect.

What are the ramifications when you walk away from something that you’re inherently created to do?

I love this honest conversation with Chase. He made the transition from the office to the house almost 6 months ago. He talks the ups, the downs… We make the observation that a lot of high-ranking YL guys actually GO BACK to work after they “retire.” And, we discuss how being together 24 hours / day is amazing and, well, how… let’s just say you’re together for 24 ENTIRE hours of the WHOLE day. 

Chase is a great friend, a passionate husband, and a stellar father- I think you’ll learn a ton from listening to him!

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The Overflow Podcast // 020 // Jason Howton talks his 3 fundamentals guaranteed to bring you success in every area of life

Jason HowtonSo a few weeks ago I had the chance to hear Jason Howton share his 3 fundamentals of success talk. It’s one of those messages that embedded deep in the messenger, such that the message and the messenger become one. He shares this message with his kids, he talks about it at his job and in the businesses his family runs, and he chats about it when the chance for “small talk” arises.

The first time I heard about the 3 fundamentals was on a van ride from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa. We were on a men’s Advance (2.0, of all things- go to to learn more), and Jason was wearing an FSU shirt on the way to the Alabama game. We got yelled at, cursed… and we learned about the 3 fundamentals.

What are the fundamentals? Well… they’re the same core concepts his wife, April, uses to run her home business- and her storefront. And they’re the same driving principles their daughter, a balloonist (yes!), weaves into her entertaining and business dealings (and she’s not even in high school, yet!). And, they’re core ideas that help you in marriage, in business, and at football games when you wear the wrong shirt (on purpose).

Alright. Let me re-introduce you to faith, hope, and love. And look at them with fresh eyes as Jason talks through them. They’re more integrated to each other than you might have imagined. And, there more threaded throughout the Bible and all of life than you’ve probably noticed… yet, once you see them like Jason outlines them, you’ll see them everywhere.

Jason’s references:

  • Hebrews 11:6 (faith)
  • 2 Peter 1:5-8 (faith)
  • Proverbs 29:18 (hope)
  • 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 (love)

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The Overflow Podcast // 019 // Why isn’t everyone healed? How do we change that?

Overflow Podcast.keyIn this episode of The Overflow Podcast you get… well… me. Whereas I usually interview some amazing people each week, for this episode I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite topics: healing.

Two years ago, I was exhausted, overworked (80-hours / week), and we were living paycheck-to-paycheck. The constant toil of everything physical and emotional drain. The fruit… was that I was 50 pounds overweight and developed a stack of health problems. (You can read about that journey at

Once I made some changes, a few things corrected themselves instantly. Other issues were healed over time as I began my health journey…

And that’s the way it actually works in the Bible. Whereas we typically think Jesus healed everyone instantly, a quick read through the New Testament shows that many were healed instantly (iaomai, which means “instant healing” is used 30x), more were healed over time as they were taught to be well (therapeuo appears 40x).

Ok. That probably just blew your mind… So, listen on. And, I’ll talk you through the concept, then introduce you to a new project that we’re about to drop in the next few weeks.

By the way, here’s some of the info referenced in the podcast:

Think Touch Tell- keynote slides.001

The Overflow Podcast // 018 // Tyler Vining- Use the business as a tool to accomplish all the great things that are in you

Tyler Vining- episode 018Tyler is an impressive guy. He’s young, he’s fit, and he loves his family. He and Madison have been together since they were… 14…? Yep, before they could legally drive.

Since then, they’ve finished school, gotten married (before graduating college, by the way!), and had a few kids. And a few more they’ve adopted. (When Tyler and I Skype’d this convo, he used a high chair to balance his computer- then sent me the photo to the right!).

They run a successful business together- and have learned that the business is a great platform to do the incredible things that have been placed in you by your Creator, things that may or may not have a ton to do with the business itself. So think of it like that… like fuel in the tank, gas in the engine… the spark to keep your dream going!


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