The Overflow Podcast // 017 // Ernie & Brad talk shop, using their unique skills to create a unique niche to help others

017Ernie and Brad never intended to start an “app” company. In all honesty, they both married gals who “pulled them” into their businesses. Then, they looked for ways to help.

And the way they helped was actually their wives’ idea!

In this episode we discuss how they got involved in Young Living, the creative process of navigating working together as a couple, leveraging your unique skills and talents to make things better for everyone, and lessons they’ve learned along the way!

What is the Oily App? It’s like having a full-color desk reference on your smartphone. With over 200 of Young Living’s best products (and growing each month) at your fingertips, with over 8 hours of biz-building videos, with a catalog of YL Foundation info… this is a must have tool for product users and business builders alike.

The best part? It’s contract-free and it cost less than a cup of coffee (or less than a smoothie for the healthy ones reading this!).


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