The Overflow Podcast // 035 // David Trombly kicks cancer, walks in health, brings healing to others


A week or so ago David Trombly performed a wedding. It was the logical outcome of walking in relationship  with hockey players for a few years… you’re there in the trenches, you get to be there at the high moments, too. Earlier that same week, he posted online that he’d been up in an aircraft- a fighter jet. The view from 10,000-plus feet was breathtaking, he said…

14519929_10209845088301085_1184739144029314458_nYou might get the idea that he lives on a silver cloud. But, dig into the story a bit, and you find out that the high points are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more under the surface.

Back in 2000, David was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer- there wasn’t one person who’d lived more than 5 years with it. Doctors advocated multiple scenarios involving removing a jawbone, aggressive chemotherapy, and a quality of life David didn’t want…

In his early 30s, married and with a few kids, they opted for a more natural way of handling things. Over the next few weeks, he was introduced to a young man who “ran away” (literally) to Tijuana and found healing…

Then he met a German doctor.

And he began using some Canadian medicine…

He found a raw nutritionist.

And he met a Swiss doctor.

After several months, David was cancer free. Has been for over 15 years, now. However, in his own words, he didn’t put cancer in the rear view mirror (behind him). Nor did he bury it (i.e., “Let’s don’t revisit that horrible time in our lives.”). Rather, he uses this story to empower others… to show them what’s available to them.

There’s power in story- in your story. In fact, your story often contains the SAME power as the original miracle you were brought through. Others NEED your story…



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