The Overflow Podcast // 034 // Dustin Tudor discusses the importance of discovering who your kids really are

img_5464-2This past weekend, we completed the- get this!– sixth Advance. This is the event you learned about in episode 32, when Verick hosted a panel of past Advance attenders. Throughout the weekend, guys are directed towards focusing on their goals, as opposed to looking at an arbitrary goal that’s handed to them (i.e., hit a higher rank in business, for instance).

Some of the guys decide they want to get healthy.

Others decide it’s a marriage that needs redemption that’s on the top of their mind.

A few want to crush their finances- to get out of debt, to secure their future… and eliminate a ton of stress in the process.

Some go after their kids… hard

In fact, there’s a goal board- a place where guys actually write what they want to achieve- the “best case scenario” for them in whatever area they want to see results. Throughout the weekend, we go hard after it. And, together, we get results!

dustin-tudor-who-is-whoDustin Tudor is one of the guys who decided he wanted- he needed– to pursue his kids. After a previous Advance, he diligently sought their hearts AND he determined to know what the Lord had created each of them to be. In time, he saw that their calling, their identity, all fit together. They were planned (read: fore-ordained) to be together and complement one another.

We asked Dustin to teach a breakout session at Advance 6.0- and I got him on the phone as part of the prep for it. Together, we talked through the concepts he was developing…

Turns out, Dustin has a fighter, a lover, and a builder in his family. Here, he talks about why each is important to the other… and how they work together to create something of amazing value (see the graphic).

Your role isn’t to duplicate what Dustin has done- your job is to uncover the unique design on each of your kids- and then to shepherd them to greatness in that role, knowing that they play a unique part of a larger puzzle.



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