The Overflow Podcast // 032 // Verick Burchfield hosts a manly chat about the Advance

advance-title-slide-001In this episode of The Overflow Podcast, Verick Burchfield leads a panel of guys- all joining him via Zoom- to discuss the upcoming Men’s Advance in Atlanta, GA. What’s an Advance? Well, it’s a weekend retreat (we prefer to call it “Advance,” though, since it’s about moving forward instead of shirking back and retreating, OK?!)… a weekend ADVANCE… that’s…

1/3 life

1/3 faith

1/3 business and everything else

The Advance weekend(s) began about two years ago, when a group of guys decided to create a “do-over” of some important events that happened on a business retreat. It seemed to them that getting a few guys in the same room- guys who would be transparent and real, yet push each other forward- was a major need. So, a date was penciled into the calendar, and plans were created to converge in Memphis, TN.

advance-bus-logo-02That group of 20 became 40-ish a few months later… in Birmingham, Alabama.

Then 40 became 80 or more in Kansas City for Advance 3.0.

Those 80 became 115 in San Diego last Fall…

Then 150-ish in Dallas in late February 2016…

With each Advance, the team has gotten tighter- and the influence has grown. More people have been invited into the circle. More lives have been changed.

In this conversation, you’ll learn…

* The vision of the Advance

* Who should go

* Some of the takeaways from guys who initially were skeptical about what they were walking into.

Listen on!



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