The Overflow Podcast // 031 // Jim Goodyear- The Tour Divide 2K+ bike ride and doing something that terrifies you

13010608_1713463568930720_2068701684426471385_nAbout 9 months ago, Jim Goodyear told me he was going to ride across the United States, North to South, on a self-supported ride known as the Tour Divide. I thought he was crazy. After listening to some of the stories he told me about others who had ridden before him… and then hearing stories after he rode, of things he experienced, my feelings were confirmed: Jim is out of his mind.

Why else would you go on a self-supported ride? Why would you ride in the dark, particularly with threats of bears and every other thing that could go wrong? Why would you take a trip when sleeping in the bathroom of a State Park is considered a luxury that you may come across perhaps once or twice…

Well, it’s on trips like these that you come in touch with who you really are. Or, to bring it down to a level to which we can all relate, it’s when you face your fears- whether it be walking on fire, being transparent about your own shortcomings, or even walking across the room to speak to a stranger… it’s on those moments that we grow. It’s in those moments where we face our fears and walk through them anyway that we often become the people we’re destined to be.

Of course, that’s one of the things that makes Jim so great- walking head first into it and telling others about the journey.

13731693_1753566398253770_7139031066407636822_nDuring the podcast, Jim offers a great bit of advice he admittedly ripped from Eleanor Roosevelt: “Do something everyday that scares you.”

It may not be a Tour Divide ride, but it might be learning that new skill. Talking to that new person. Growing your business. Writing that book.

In fact, as you’re reading this, you probably know exactly what it is…

My advice? Do it…


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