The Overflow Podcast // 025 // Jay Pointer talks firsthand about moving from depression to your destiny

10013789_10203997181914232_1084803442627686106_nI’ve had the opportunity to meet Jay a few times, now- almost every single time when he’s “out of his element” (read: not at work, not with his game face on). In other words, I’ve seen the “normal” side of him.

And I’ve seen him when he’s “on”- speaking onstage, handshaking and hugging at an event…

Turns out, the person you see away from work is the same person you see on the stage.

Might give you the impression Jay has it all figured out, that he has everything together. Or that he’s ALWAYS had it all together.

Jay and I originally planned to talk about leadership for this episode of the podcast. But, as we got into his story, I watched him fill in the blanks and put some pieces together on some of his life-stories I’d heard before. And I got the background on some of the leadership and self-help talking points I’ve heard…

Turns out Jay went through a tough season.

* A season where he got fired from a great (read: dream) job.

* A season where he- in his 30s- went back to the college days of walking around in the same clothes for a few days straight, simply playing video games to pass the time…

* A season where he wondered WHAT IN THE WORLD he was supposed to do (surely there was more than “this,” right? But how do you get started moving in any actual direction.)

I don’t know about you. I’ve been there, too. Jay’s story resonated on several levels. So… if you’re there, at the bottom… or if you know someone who is… and need some hope, inspiration, and even a few steps to identify where you’re at and how long it might take until you can breathe again… then listen on.

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